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The fine pixel pitch LED displays we put on sale at Shenzhen Avoe Hi-Tech Co. Ltd supports window stretch mode. Buying this rich pattern holding fine pixel pitch LED display units from our online store ensures you not only get superior performance at low cost but also got the ratio stretching feature enabled for the windows, can be enlarged and reduced if needed. Several windows can be superimposed at once! To check more benefits of our fine pixel pitch LED displays for you; visit here:


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There is a lot of buzz in the digital signage industry as well as the markets the industry serves about fine pixel pitch LED display and their capability to create bright seamless visuals that transform spaces. It’s easy to find technical documentation about LED displays and diodes but a lot harder to discover solid information written in non-technical terms that explains the technology the market place ecosystem as well as applications. Guide to Fine Pixel pitch LED Display 1. Packaging style- Above P2 LED display screen generally uses SMD 1515 2020 3258 of the lamps LED pin shape using J or L package. Side wielding pin welding area will be reflective ink color effect is poor it is necessary to upsurge the mask to improve contrast. The density further increases the L or J’s encapsulation cannot satisfy the application demand must adopt the Get the best Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display exclusively from AVOE | Complete guide to help you

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QFN package method. This process is characterized by no lateral welding pins no reflective welding area which makes the color rendering effect very good. 2. Mount technology- Fine Pixel pitch LED Display of the RGB device location of the small offset will result in the display of the screen is uneven it is bound to need higher precision mounting equipment. 3. Welding technology- Reflow soldering temperature rise too fast will lead to uneven wetting it is bound to cause the device in the wetting imbalance in the method caused by migration. Too much wind cycle can also cause the dislocation of devices. As far as possible to choose more than 12 reflow soldering machine chain speed temperature rise cycle wind as a strict control project that is to meet the needs of welding reliability but also lessen or avoid the device shift as far as possible to control the demand range. Want to buy fine pixel pitch LED display Then AVOE is the optimum online destination that conveys finest quality of LED displays at economical price. Have questions on LED display Then get-in-touch with us now at:- SHEN ZHEN AVOE HI-TECH CO. LTD. Address- AVOE HI-TECH PARK Tang Wei Fu Hai Street Boa an District Shenzhen Guangdong China FAX- +86-755-29128989 E-MAIL- or

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