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IBM BIGFIX Online Training IBM BigFix formerly IBM Endpoint Manager combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables your team to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints. Rapidly remediate protect and report on endpoints in real-time by automating time-intensive tasks across complex networks controlling costs reducing risk and supporting compliance. This course presents basic and intermediate level knowledge to help users in administrator and operator roles of the product to develop the knowledge they need to successfully leverage this product in their managed environments. Overview Of IBM BIGFIX Training In any organization we will have the servers desktops which will manage the type of the systems. In the server side we have different groups of OS and the desktops also have the different OS which managed by one group. In the organization you will have the unusual combination of the endpoints like desktops laptops and servers to connect to the corporate network these run on the same platform best IBM BigFix training by real-time trainers. To perform multiple tasks it is the familiar place to comprise the solutions. These will perform on different devices and have different tasks like assets discovery patching and OS deployment etc. This will help you to reduce the problems transversely on all the endpoints like the single console single agent and single server will be helping in reducing the cost risk and effort. IBM BigFix will be discovering and reporting accurate visibility from the single management console it continuously the enforcement of patches. It has many operating systems for compressing the patch cycles time to minutes to hours. If you observe around the corner in the endpoint management explanation there will be practical information about specific IBM BigFix with various products you can get in this IBM BigFix training. Prerequisites Of IBM BIGFIX Online Training IBM Endpoint Manager Platform. Tivoli Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Office. VMware. Benefits of IBM BigFix Training It will support you by supporting the multi-platform from one console it covers many areas like the protecting and patching and MDM. The systems are run by the different type of admin’s monitor the systems like desktop administrators and the Linux servers and the windows servers.

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To manage the admins if there are groups for windows admin then it will be better and they will not affect the other systems. For more details kindly feel free to contact us. Email Id: Contact No: +91-8553177744

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