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Jean Beraud 1849 - 1935 La Belle Epoque The Beautiful Epoch Click patiently

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Let me tell of a time when the world was in rhyme with the sound of our laughter Montmartre shone above for forbidden hours of hunger and of love Unaware in our youth of the sobering truth of the years that came after We laughed at other men for we were heroes then and heaven smiled above La boheme, la boheme Oh hungry you, oh hungry me La boheme, la boheme See the old world that could not see All those innocent hearts who imagined their arts could be casually mastered I miss them every one for the sands of time have run away for each and all But it seems that our schemes were impossible dreams that could never have lasted for when we walked at last the great parade had passed and spring had lost its way La boheme, la boheme Someone to care, someone to mind La boheme, la boheme We were in love and love is blind Now and then I return and the memories burn with a bittersweet aching I climb the same old stairs but no-one longer cares and there's no-one left to greet in the streets where we walked and the bars where we talked of a world we were making I stand upon that hill until I drink my fill and leave it all behind La boheme, la boheme Moments of joy, moments of pain La boheme, la boheme Nothing can bring them back again La Boheme – Dubstar , from the album “ No More Talk ”

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Jean Beraud ( b St Petersburg, 31 Dec 1849; d Paris, 1935. ) French painter . Beraud ’ s father was a sculptor and after his death in 1853 the family left St Petersburg to return to Paris. In 1871, after the Franco-Prussian War, B é raud enrolled in painting classes in the studio of L é on Bonnat. He began his career as a portrait painter, following the example of Bonnat, but by the end of the 1870s and through to the 1890s, he favoured depictions of the daily life of the Parisian boulevards. Urbane and sophisticated, he cultivated the company of the Franco-Russian aristocracy in Paris, several of whom were his patrons. He achieved success and honours quickly, exhibiting regularly at the annual Salons from 1873 to 1889. He also painted lovers ’ rendezvous and such genre scenes as Return from the Funeral all of which are rendered in minute detail in a naturalist vein, often with humour and occasionally mockery. He was an active founding member of the Soci é t é Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris, showing there from 1890 to 1929.

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Music: La Boheme – Piano solo. Artist unknown

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