Does The Donor Hair Continues To Grow After Hair Transplant

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Does The Donor Hair Continues To Grow After Hair Transplant A large percentage of hair loss patients are facing male pattern baldness since it is the most common type of baldness. there are several reasons that affect the scalp and hair but your genes along with hormones are the main reason for hair loss in both men and women. Fortunately the hair loss patients may combat the adverse effects of baldness with the help of a capable ​Hair Transplant Surgeon in India ​. Hair loss experts claim that surgical hair restoration is a permanent cure for genetic hair loss. Surgical hair restoration is also hair transplant surgery that is widely popular among the patients of male pattern baldness. In this procedure the surgeon removes the hairs from one area of the scalp and transplant them to another area that needs hairs. The area that provides hair is called the donor area and that receives the hairs is called the recipient area.

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The Procedure Of Hair Transplant Generally the hair transplant surgeon invites the patients to the clinic on a particular date. After the arrival of the patient the surgeon numbs the scalp with the help of anesthesia and sedatives. After this step the surgeon removes the hairs from the scalp with the help of advanced tools and techniques. As the final step he inserts the hair follicles into the bald area of the scalp. How Are Donor Hairs Effective Hair restoration experts say that male pattern baldness affects the hairs of the entire scalp but the hairs in the back and sides are safe due to their stable genetic nature. These hairs are baldness resistant. That is why the surgeon removes these hairs from the donor site and inserts them into the recipient area. How Does The Donor’s Hair Grow After Hair Transplant After the surgery you should not be impatient to see the results because the growth of transplanted hair follicles is a steady process. Side effects like redness swelling mild pain and crusting subside within a couple of days but hair growth in the recipient area will not be visible so early. Even these hairs shed after some time and grow again with full density and thickness. In the initial stage of hair re-growth the thickness is not optimum but gradually the hairs start to grow and after that you can deal with your hairs like your real hairs. After you have observed fuller results you may apply any hair products on your hairs and style your hair with your preferred hairstyle or haircut. If you are curious about hair re-growth after the surgery the surgeon of Avenues clinic may satisfy you with their clear and informative answers. The Avenues is the only clinic that provides a reasonable ​Hair Transplant in India ​. therefore with the help of this clinic you can undergo an affordable as well as high-grade hair loss treatment.

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