How to Fix Facebook Home Page Loading Issue

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People know Facebook very well because they use Facebook for social sharing. But if the home page of Facebook is not loading due to some technical fault then they can call on Facebook support number to get help.


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Facebook Home Page Loading Issue How to Fix Facebook Home Loading Issue


Facebook is the most popular social sharing website which is used to share information about your upcoming events, picture and video, etc. But if your Facebook home page is not loading properly then you can follow some steps to load it properly. These steps are given here: 1. You can empty the cache and, delete cookies. Then try to open Facebook and check whether this problem is gone or not. If the issue persists then fallow next step.  


2. You can replace the http:// with https:// which is in the starting of Facebook URL. 3. If your computer time is not correct then the Facebook page will not load. Then make it correct in your computer. 4. Maybe your internet browser is corrupted or older version. You can update it with the latest version of the browser. Then try to open Facebook home page  


5. You can use another browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, etc. 6. You should restart your computer. For this first, you turn it off, leave it for some time then start it. After that, you should try to open Facebook


7. Turn off to your internet router then put it on again. Then try to open Facebook After doing all these steps, the issue persists then you can contact Facebook support number to fix this issue.


Facebook Support Team +1-800-318-4042

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