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Avantika University offers best bachelors of Product Design course. This course trains future product designers to get absorbed in the industry. Avantika University is one of the top design colleges in India. To know more details, visit us at :


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Bachelors of Product Design:

Bachelors of Product Design Design College In India | Avantika University

Bachelors of Product Design:

Nowadays, there are several innovative and creative fields that attract the interests of individuals who wish to do something different. The field of product designing is one such sphere. By its definition, product design refers to a process where products are designed catering to the customers/end-users. It entails imagining products in terms of their physical appearance and functionality followed by mass producing them. Bachelors of Product Design


Product design is an analytical process. It is based on a problem-solving approach whereby the needs of the users are considered and the product is visualized as a solution to the laid problems/needs. Product designing aims at improving the quality and life of the product along with its interaction with the end-users. It is the task of a product designer to ensure effectual designing of product that creates functional and cost-effective product.


Since the field of product designing is quite technical, the aspirant pursuing the bachelors of product design course must have outstanding creativity such as drawing skills, writing ability, leadership skills and a logistic approach towards problem-solving. If you think you possess all of these qualities, then this field is made for you.

Scope of Product Design:

Earlier there was less competition in the market so the companies didn’t feel the need for product design. The product that was launched in the market had fewer alternatives, so it was highly consumed by the customers. But now as the population is escalating hastily and new MNCs are entering the market, there are dozens of options by the consumer’s side. So, consumers consider effective design and functionality while choosing products. Scope of P roduct Design


In such a scenario, companies rely on product designers to create user-centric products. Hence, creative minds have a great chance to establish a career in the field of Product Design. To step into the field, you should gain knowledge and skills pertaining to it through professional courses.

Product Design at Avantika University:

There are several colleges in India that offers product design courses thereby leaving the students baffled. If you are looking for top design colleges in MP , then you should choose Avantika University. Situated in Ujjain, MP Avantika University is first and only design-centric university in the country. The university houses engineering college, design college and architectural college. Product Design at Avantika University


It offers Bachelor's in Design (B.Des) course in industrial design which includes tracks on product design and space design. In the course, students are familiarised with concepts, fundamentals, and principles of product design and essential factors of product design. This course trains future product designers to get absorbed in the industry.

Why Choose Avantika University:

When looking for the best institution for a product design course, Avantika University should come in your mind due to several reasons. Apart from the academic development of the student, Avantika University focuses more on holistic development . Why Choose Avantika University


Different sessions are organized on the college campus, where the experts from top companies share their experience with the students to make them aware of the latest industrial updates. The university follows a unique learning pedagogy and emphasizes experiential learning, project-based learning, social learning, scenarios and learning through ambiguity .


The university follows the philosophy of ‘what to think’, which fosters an innovative mindset in students. For effective learning, the learner and faculty ratio of 10:1 is kept which lets the student focus more on studies. The students of Avantika are mentored by experts at MIT Institute of Design . So, choose Avantika University and embark on the journey towards a high-flying career.


Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box . Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune .



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