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Product design is a crucial aspect of product development and it is affected by different essential factors of product design. A product designer must be aware of the factors to create captivating designs. Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It is the reputed MAEER's MIT Pune. To know more details, visit us at :


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Essential Factors of Product Design:

Essential Factors of Product Design Design College In India | Avantika University

Essential Factors of Product Design:

Every business activity revolves around the products or services that a company offers. Hence, products are the foundation of any business. The proportion at which customers’ needs are satisfied by the products determines the success of the business. In the process of adoption of a product, its design plays a key role. Essential Factors of Product Design


The process of creation and effective designing of the product so that is it functional, appealing, convenient to use and easily sold in the market is called product design. Product design is a crucial aspect of product development and it is affected by different factors.


The packaging is one of most essential factors of product design . Packaging includes a case or a container that protects a product from spoilage, leakage, etc. It is also used to enhance the appeal of the product. An effective packaging is one that is convenient as well as economical and that ensures durability of the product. It also enhances the sale of products by attracting customers. The packaging of a product must be done in sync with the product’s design. Essentials of a good package are- Packaging


It acts as a self-advertisement and branding of the product, thus increasing its sales. It leads to the convenient handling of products. High-quality packaging reduces the chances of duplication thus protecting its quality .


It protects the product from any kind of damage at the time of transportation. It provides all the essential information of the product which even includes its benefits and uses.

Cost/Price Ratio:

Optimum utilization of available resources is the most important element of product designing. It is the responsibility of the product designers to ensure low cost of production, high-quality product and an effective selling price. This is possible only if they emphasize on effective utilization of available resources to put out effectual product designs. Cost/Price Ratio

Customer Requirements:

The main goal of any product is the satisfaction of its customers by catering to their requirements. So, the products must be designed in such a way that it is convenient for the customers and is ready to be used in every condition. Customer Requirements

Product Quality:

A product’s quality is equally important as its design. The quality of a product is determined by the quality of design and conformity of the product. Hence, product designers must put the entire focus on the product’s quality. Product Quality

Material Requirements:

The quality of the materials used plays a crucial role in designing. So, the product designer must be aware of material requirement which includes the type of materials, industry trend, kind of technology product will work upon and whether the material used is effective for the desired product or not. However, the designers can even take advice from the technical, scientific journals or consumers regarding the requirement of the accurate material. Material Requirements

Effect on Existing Products:

Usually, new products are designed to replace the existing one. Thus, a product designer must make use of sophisticated technologies, state-of-the-art components, enhanced manufacturing parts and advanced strategies. The existing product must be updated with new manufacturing techniques and technologies. Effect on Existing Products


A product designer must be aware of the aforementioned factors to create captivating designs. Since products are everywhere, so there is a huge demand for product designers. You can capitalize on various opportunities by pursuing a course in product design from Avantika University, India’s first and only design-centered university.


The design students of Avantika are mentored by the professors of MIT Institute of Design. So, apply for admissions at Avantika and get a chance to study at one of the top design colleges in India.


Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box . Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.



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