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Some elements of Design in clothing should be followed to create showstoppers designs. At, Avantika University, we train our future designers to create amazing designs by a perfect amalgamation of design elements. Avantika University is one of the Top Design Colleges in India. To know more details, visit us at : http://avantikauniversity.edu.in/design-colleges/elements-of-design-in-clothing.php


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Elements of design in clothing:

Elements of design in clothing Design College In India | Avantika University

Elements of design in clothing:

Designing of apparels is one of the most preferred roles in fashion designing. However, garment design is an intricate process. The designer needs to select the right blend of color, texture, hemline, thread, fabric, etc. It is a pre-requisite for the designer to be aware of the elements and principles of design in order to invent showstopper designs. Elements of design in clothing


The various elements of design play a pivotal role in designing of clothes, fashion accessories, footwear, etc. Though the color, texture, pattern or design of clothing is affected by cultural or social attributes from place to place, some elements always remain the same. The basic elements of design in clothing are as follows:

Design Line:

Design lines in a garment never fail to highlight a wearer’s waistline, hemline as well as the neckline. For faultless creation of visual dimensions in a garment, design lines are categorized as straight lines which can be placed diagonally, horizontally or vertically; and curved lines which are either gently curved or spherical. Design Line


To exemplify the perfect figure of the wearer, curved lines are generally used. On the other hand, horizontal lines are used to augment wearer’s broad and bold look. However, different lines must be used in a fair proportion.


The sophistication of a wearer is enhanced when a feature of his/her garment is highlighted thereby defining her/her persona and lifestyle. When one of the elements of design is given more weightage than others to create a thoughtful and eye-catching look of the garment, it is termed as emphasis. A collar in a denim jacket, the corset or a contrast band on the waistline of a garment, are some examples of emphasis. Emphasis

Fabric Prints and Patterns:

Pattern and prints convert a minimalistic garment into a trendy one. While designing, taking fabric prints into consideration can be very advantageous and can even give an innovative as well as sophisticated look to the old discarded patterns. Fabric Prints and Patterns

Unity and Proportaion:

In order to allow a garment to stand out from others, there must be unity among its elements such as rhythm, proportion, emphasis and balance. Every element must be competent enough to augment the properties of other elements. Apart from unity, proportion is equally imperative as an element of design in clothing. It is responsible to form a rapport between the garment’s component (which includes its scale and size) and the wearer’s size. Unity and Proportaion


So these were some of the elements of design in clothing . At Avantika University, we train our future designers to create amazing designs by a perfect amalgamation of design elements. A part of the reputed IT Group, it is India’s first and only design-centric university. It houses design, engineering and architecture colleges. Its design college is among the top design colleges in India bestowed to its top-notch quality education and best in class faculty.


We provide theoretical knowledge to the candidates along with giving them hands-on experience. That is why our candidates are immediately absorbed in the industry after the completion of course. So, apply for admission at Avantika University right away and study at one of the best design colleges in India.


Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box . Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.



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