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Want to know the factors affecting Product Design? A product designer must consider some important factors before designing the product in order to create winning designs. Avantika University, part of reputed MAEER’s MIT Pune offers best Product Designing Course in MP. Avantika university's Design College is one of the Top Design Colleges in India. To know more details, visit us at: http://avantikauniversity.edu.in/design-colleges/factors-affecting-product-design.php


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Factors Affecting Product Design:

Factors Affecting Product Design Design College In India | Avantika University

Factors Affecting Product Design:

There are several factors that affect the design of a product. A product designer must consider these factors before designing the product in order to create winning designs. These factors are as follows : Factors Affecting Product Design

Customer Requirements:

Customer Requirements The end users or customers are the ones that would leverage the product. So, due respect should be given to their requirements before designing a product. The designers should make sure that the product is ergonomically designed so that the customers can use it conveniently in all conditions.

Facilities For The Operators:

Facilities For The Operators It is the task of product designers to ensure that the operators can effortlessly perform the intended operations using the product. The product should be integrated with all the essential features and facilities that make its operation simple and comfortable. If the product design is complicated, then the operator may become tired and be less productive. So, the product should be designed in such a way that it is easy to handle and operate.


Functionality A product should be designed in such a way that it yields 100% customer satisfaction. For this, the designer must ensure that the product is functioning optimally and is meeting the purpose for which it is designed. There should be sync between the appearance of the product and its functionality to the customers.

Cost Ratio:

Cost Ratio A product designer must design high-quality product in a way that it is cost effective. The product should be of top-notch quality, functional and appealing in design, such that it attracts the customers. The designer must also ensure that he is creating a design which is even cost effective as that will attract the customers most.

Quality of Product:

Quality of Product The design of a product and its quality should go hand in hand. The quality of a product depends on its design as well as conformity. So, the designer must ensure that he/she is producing a good quality product that embellishes an impressive design.

Capability of Process:

Capability of Process A product designer must have the requisite knowledge of the machinery in order to take care of the quality of conformance. The quality of conformance depends on the capacity of equipment and machines (how much they can process). A designer should thus establish a tolerance limit of each machine and equipment.

Material Requirements:

Material Requirements The type, quality, and nature of a material used in the production of a product impact its design to a great extent. So, the designer must have adequate knowledge of the materials. He/she should have up to date information about the availability of new and better materials in order to create the desired product.

Work Methods:

Work Methods The work methods adopted and the equipment used to impact the viability of the design. Little changes in the work methods can considerably affect the production cost. So, a designer must be inventive in order to find out the most efficient work methods. He/she should be accustomed to the innovations in the market so that he/she can improvise the work methods and equipment accordingly.


A product should be designed in such a way that it should have the scope for improvisation in the type of equipment required and the work methods adopted.

Effects on Existing Designs:

Effects on Existing Designs In case a new product is being designed to replace an existing product, then a designer should ensure that he/she uses the standards materials, parts, components, design strategies, techniques and manufacturing processes. It is the task of a product designer to blend the existing product with new manufacturing technology. In this way, the designer can keep the production cost minimum.


Packaging Packaging is one of the core components associated with a product. The design of the package of a product is equally important as the product itself. This is because packaging ensures that the product is delivered safely to the end users. Thus, the designer should ensure that the package is protective and even serves the promotional purpose. The package should be attractive as that will appeal to the customers.


These are the major factors affecting a product design which should be considered by Product Designer.. In our product designing course, we make sure that the students are familiarized with all these factors so that they can create effective product designs when they enter the job field. Our design college is among the top design colleges of India as we offer world-class education and best in class faculty members.


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