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Looking for the Product Design Courses? Then, Avantika University offers best Product Design Courses. Avantika University is the first Design Centered University in India. It trains the design aspirants about all the concepts, principles and technicalities of product designing so that they can successfully launch their career in the field. Avantika University is situated in Ujjain, MP.


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Product Design Courses in India:

Product Design Courses in India Avantika University

All About Product Designing:

All About Product Designing Product Designing refers to the concept of discovering different ideas that can add to the visual appearance of a product and enhance its sales. Let’s have a look at the concepts of product designing:

Objectives of Product Designing:

Objectives of Product Designing • To provide a better customer/user experience . • To create a good reputation in the market . • Companies find a chance to utilize their extra funds in this process.  • Good product design assures an increase in the rate of growth of the organization.

Properties of Good Product Design:

Properties of Good Product Design Practicality:- There is no use of having a product that is visually fascinating but does not serve the purpose. Therefore, all the products produced by the company must function optimally and must be ergonomic.


Solidity:- The product must function properly for the assigned amount of time. Grade:- The product must always be of superior quality. The grade of products can help in gaining the trust of the customers.


• Regularization :- The product’s design should be such that all its components are easily available in the market. • Rationality :- The product should have a reasonable price. The most cost-effective ways should be used in the creation of a product.


• Maintenance:- It shouldn't be difficult to take care of the maintenance of the product. Minimum efforts should be required to conserve the product.

Concepts of Product Designing:

Concepts of Product Designing Research and development  :- New product ideas can be developed by working on the insights as well as feedback of the old products. With the help of basic knowledge of the existing products, new products can be designed in the future.


Reverse engineering:- The idea behind reverse engineering is to be able to dismantle a product, study its design and give birth to a product that proves to be better than the previous one.


Concurrent engineering :- Different from the traditional approach of design, concurrent engineering helps to save a lot of time during product designing. Different activities are performed by different teams in this process.

Steps Involve in Product Designing:

Steps Involve in Product Designing Draw – A sketch in the exact scale for the different alternative is prepared by the product designer. Anatomize – The designer analyses varying options with respect to the cost, maintenance, operability, and productivity . Selection – The designer chooses the best alternative after analyzing all the pros and cons.


Basic engineering - A layout in the exact scale is created and the strength of the materials to be used is also calculated. Detailed design – The product designer draws the details of each component on paper. Sampling - A prototype is created and all the necessary tests are conducted.


Manufacturing - The product is manufactured and checked for the problems that arise. Operation - When the product is rolled out, feedbacks are taken from the end users and the designer works on the issues with a design based approach.


Evolution - If modifications are made, then this information is used in creating successors of the product.


Product Designing has an essential role to play in determining the success or failure of the business. So, businesses rely on proficient product designers to take care of the whole process of product designing. Before manufacturing any product, it is the task of product designer to make final decisions regarding its appearance, design materials used and other properties like tolerance and durability. 


So, the product designer must be skilled and knowledgeable to handle the entire product designing cycle effectively . Avantika University, India’s first design centered university offers a course in product design. It trains the design aspirants about all the concepts, principles and technicalities of product designing so that they can successfully launch their career in the field. 


Avantika U niversity offers one of the Product Design Courses in India . The university has its team of experts faculty members who employ state-of-the-art learning tools and unique learning model to train the students in the best possible way. If you too want to make your career in this lucrative field, then you should immediately apply for admissions at Avantika University.


Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT Institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box . Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune .



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