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One of the best design colleges in India is the design college of Avantika University. Avantika University is a design-centric learning campus of the reputed MAEER’s MIT Pune.


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Design Colleges in India:

Design Colleges in India Avantika University Visit us at :

Design Colleges in India:

Design Colleges in India Are you keen to shape your career in the field of design? If so, then you can pursue Bachelors of Design (B.Des) after your 12th and gain more in-depth knowledge of the field as well as hone your designing skills.


Do you love to enhance the visual appeal of different things with quirky designs?  There are ample D esign C olleges in India, so you can easily choose any of these and embark on your professional journey.

Career in Design:

Career in Design The worlds of engineering and construction would also be nowhere without the technical design skills of  architects,   product designers ,   special designers, landscape designers  and mechanical design engineers.


T he question that arises is that can you pursue the designing course from any college/institute? Is the value of a design degree same irrespective of the university? The answer is no.


When it comes to choosing an institute/college/university for your design course, you should always opt for the best. This is because your choice plays a crucial role in aligning your future in the right or wrong direction.


If you’ll choose a reputed university that offers top-class education and even provides placement support, then you’ll be able to capitalize on the job front. A degree from a reputed university augments your chances of being picked up by top companies as it enhances your employability and credibility in front of the employers.

Avantika University:

Avantika University One of the best design colleges in India is the design college of Avantika University . Avantika University  is a design-centric learning campus of the reputed  MAEER’s MIT Pune . It is set in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Avantika University offers courses in various disciplines such as Design, Engineering, and Architecture.


The ‘spirit of design’ is the core essence of Avantika and through its various programs, the university aims to facilitate the learners to perceive design as a multifaceted entity- that is sometimes perceived as a cultural activity; sometimes as a human-centered activity and sometimes as a process of innovation.


The university motivates the learners to break all barriers and think out of the box. It aims at encouraging learners to employ their ingenious thinking in combining technology and entrepreneurship to give birth to new systems, cutting-edge services, state-of-the-art products, gratifying experiences, and new communication channels.


Conclusion At Avantika University, the emphasis is laid on ‘how to think’ which ignites the curiosity of the students. With this curiosity, the students can explore new ways of establishing connections and adapt to the surrounding.



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