Top 6 Style Mistakes to Avoid That Ruins Your Look from the Get-Go

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slide 1: Top 6 Style Mistakes to Avoid That Ruins Your Look from the Get Go Every individual has a fashion statement that singles him or her from the crowd. If you believe in creating a fashion statement especially for you you must take care of many factors that not only commits to giving a unique appearance but also ensures to make the heads turn towards you. Are you scared to try a new style in the fear of sabotaging your personality Through this article we will check the crucial style mistakes that ruin your look from the get-go. Avoiding those will boost your confidence in the crowd while allowing you to enjoy the innovative look with no risk.

slide 2: Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid While On a Casual Outing Casual appearance is the best way to be present in an informal ambiance. Nonetheless avoiding a few disastrous mistakes make you look presentable and perfect. Let us take a look at the top 6 mistakes to avoid on the go: Wrinkled Clothes Regardless of whether will attend an interview or a wedding you must never forget to iron the clothes. Creased attire depletes your personality and gives you a clumsy appearance which needs to be avoided at any cost. Matching the Comprehensive Outfit Despite knowing contrast is in fashion if you want to experiment with your look you may match a few elements of your outfit and not the comprehensive appearance. Whether you have chosen a bold color or giant checks never make the outfit symmetrical which makes you look dull. Piling Clothes Even if you are wearing an expensive and trendy gown it is important to check the detail of your cloth. Piling clothes not only gives you a foul appearance but the intense stare from the peers will also make you uncomfortable. Long Pants Wearing bottom wears that lurks beneath your shoes is the worst way to represent yourself in the crowd. It makes the dress dirty while imposing a foul impression on the surrounding people. Over Embellished Accessories Accessories are meant to elevate your appearance and not sabotage it. Adding stone studded necklace to your elegant evening gown will ensure to ruin your outfit along with your evening. Oversized or undersized Clothes Oversized tees with a skinny pair of denim and vice versa are in fashion. However draping yourself from top to bottom with oversized attire will make you appear like a nightmare and will sore the eyes of the onlookers. The same is applicable if you wear skinny clothes giving you a suffocating appearance. Adding the Appropriate Clothing to your Appearance Fashion is the best way to impress the people surrounding you without spending any effort. However if you fail to boost your personality and end up looking like a couch bag not only will you harm your personality but will also fail to impress the people you intend to make happy.

slide 3: Consider the aforementioned points and avoid those to add to your appearance while depleting the chances of ruining your look whether you are going for an evening party or a casual outing Information Presented by: Tracy Earle Avantgard Exchange Email: Phone: 1-604-283-3375 Web:

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