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Personality : 

Personality Why are no 2 people the same?

Situation in 1947… : 

Situation in 1947… India invaded by the British Empire Gandhi: Satyagraha Bose: Azad Hind Fauj Bhagat Singh: Bombing of British Parliament Same situation but different reactions!

Bikers…. : 

Bikers…. Bike makes them be seen as macho Helps them attract the opposite sex Allows them to belong to an aspirational peer group Biking is just a trip! It is their beloved Do not like to be disturbed Same BIKES but differently used!

Because of Personality : 

Because of Personality Inner characteristics which explain the way a consumer behaves to a given stimulus from the environment Qualities Attributes Traits Factors Mannerisms

Why study Personality? : 

Why study Personality? Consumer Personality Self-Image Brand Personality

About Personality : 

About Personality No two people are the same but ‘Personality Concept’ allows us to cluster them for the purpose of STP Mostly, personality is consistent & enduring But at times personality can change / evolve Major life event (Big job promotion / marriage / child) Gradual maturing

Theories of Personality : 

Theories of Personality Freudian Theory Neo-Freudian Theory Trait Theory

Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality : 

Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality ID EGO SUPER EGO Primitive & Impulsive Thirst, hunger, sex Means don’t matter PLEASURE PRINCIPLE Societal brakes on ID Need satisfaction in a socially acceptable way SOCIETY PRINCIPLE Individual’s control Balance impulsive demands of ID and constraints of superego REALITY PRINCIPLE

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Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory : 

Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory Appeal to the ID (PLEASURE PRINCIPLE) Keeping SUPER EGO in check Triple Appeal (Free Spirit Bra)

Neo-Freudian Personality Theory : 

Neo-Freudian Personality Theory Assume social relationships are fundamental to formation & development of personality Karen Horney’s 3 personality groups: Compliant: Move towards others (Coke) Aggressive: Move against others (Pepsi / Nike) Detached: Move away from others (Sprite / Reebok / Black & White)

Trait Theory : 

Trait Theory Trait is any distinguishing behaviour that separates one individual from the other Develop personality types based on traits such as: Consumer Innovativeness Consumer Materialism Consumer Ethnocentrism Traits have stronger correlation to products rather than brands

Consumer Innovators: Personality Traits : 

Consumer Innovators: Personality Traits Innovativeness: Willingness to adapt to change: HIGH (Baazi) Dogmatism: Degree of rigidity towards unknown (Authority): LOW Social Character: Inner-directed vs other directed: INNER DIRECTED Need for Uniqueness: Conformity is avoidable: HIGH Sensation Seeking: Risk taking for the sake for sensational experiences Variety Seeking: Variety is the spice of life!

Cognitive Personality Traits : 

Cognitive Personality Traits Need for Recognition (NC) High NC: Info Low NC: Peripheral Aspects High NC: Message framing inconsequential Low NC: Framing matters High NC: Print & Internet heavily used Low NC: TV the lead medium Visualisers vs. Verbalisers Verbalisers: Words Visualisers: Pictures

Consumer Materialism: Personality Traits : 

Consumer Materialism: Personality Traits Consumer Materialism: How much individuals regard possessions as essential to their identities Value acquiring and showing off possessions Self-centered & selfish Seek lifestyles full of possessions Many possessions give them greater satisfaction Varies across markets and can be exploited by advertising

Fixated Consumption Behaviour: Personality Traits : 

Fixated Consumption Behaviour: Personality Traits Fixated Consumption Behaviour: When individuals have a fixation of consuming/possessing a product/category Deep interest in the object/product category Willingness to make an extra effort to secure additional examples Dedication of a considerable amount of time & money E.g. Collectors or Hobbyists

Compulsive Consumption Behaviour: Personality Traits : 

Compulsive Consumption Behaviour: Personality Traits Compulsive Consumption Behaviour: An addiction for the acquisition of a certain object/product category Abnormal behaviour Out-of-control Actions can have damaging consequences E.g. Gambling, Drugs, Alcoholism, Chocolism

Consumer Ethnocentrism: Personality Traits : 

Consumer Ethnocentrism: Personality Traits Responses to foreign-made products Highly ethnocentric feel it is wrong to buy such products Non-ethnocentric like foreign products as they find them to be having better features Use country of origin accordingly as a marketer

Strategies for managing Country-of-Origin Effects : 

Strategies for managing Country-of-Origin Effects

Brand & Product Personality : 

Brand & Product Personality

Brand Personality : 

Brand Personality Just like consumers, brands also have a personality Nike: Athlete in all of us! Levi’s 501: ‘Dependable & rugged’, ‘real & authentic’, ‘American & Western’ Volvo: Safety These reflect consumers’ visions of the inner core of the brand in question Brand’s personality can either be functional or symbolic

Brand Personification : 

Brand Personification It is a technique that tries to recast consumers’ perception of the brand into a human-like character It helps in bringing alive the brand for marketers and agency Also ensures a certain level of consistency in all the brand activity Values, Beliefs & Personality

Brand Personality Framework : 

Brand Personality Framework Brand Personality

Product Personality Traits : 

Product Personality Traits Gender: Products are seen to have a certain gender in the consumers mind (SUVs: M & Cars: F) Geography: Products associated with certain geographies Bikaneri Bhujiya French Whine Mexican Salsa Colour: Associate personality factors with certain colours Black = sophistication Red = exciting Yellow = novelty

Self-Image : 


Self-Image : 

Self-Image Consumers seek to depict themselves in their brand choices as it extends & enhances their self-image Therefore, brand personality must try and mirror some aspects of the consumer personality Such connections help develop a relationship & drive loyalty amongst consumers

One or multiple selves : 

One or multiple selves With friends vs. with parents vs. with girlfriend Same person, different behaviour Consumer has multiple self-images Marketers must define the self they are marketing to Preserve or enhance that self-image

Types of Self-Image : 

Types of Self-Image Actual Self-Image: How consumers see themselves Ideal Self-Image: How consumers would like to see Social Self-Image: Consumers feel others see them Ideal Social Self-Image: Like others to see them Position products as symbols of relevant self-image.

Evolution of Self-Image : 

Evolution of Self-Image Extended Self-Image: Consumers possessions can help in further extending their self-image Actual (Computer) Symbolically (Harley) Conferring Status (Mercedes Benz) Altering Self-Image: Consumers wish to better or create a new self-image Cosmetics Hair Styling & Colouring Spectacles to Contact Lenses

Emerging Trend: Virtual Personality : 

Emerging Trend: Virtual Personality Personality created on the web Can be completely different from real Allows consumers to try personality types Gives us opportunity to target these different personalities through the same medium that they exist on

Think about 3 brands thatenhance your self-image! : 

Think about 3 brands thatenhance your self-image!

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