What is the average cost to ship a car


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People might ship their car for many reasons. Shipping a car also carries a wide range which includes: Country to country, State to state, or city to city shipping and within a country.


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What is the average cost to ship a car People might ship their car for many reasons. Shipping a car also carries a wide range which includes: Country to country State to state or city to city shipping and within a country. The average cost to ship a car within the premises of continental United States might not worry you a lot because it is just 950. The highest Average price recorded for shipping is 1200 and lowest avg price is 700 which is a big relief at least for the people living in the 48 states of continental United States. In case if your journey is 1000 miles or more than it. Then it’s average per mile cost is around 0.60. Sample price for 500 miles is 350 and more than 1000 miles is 900. If you have planned a shorter trip then you have to pay a little more as compared to a longer trip but the difference is minute and not very noticeable. For example A trip of around 500 miles will cost you 1 per mile. Country to country is a bit pricey. Shipping a car overseas price on average is 750-2000 and the high average is 3000-4600. Average cost to ship a car from state to state: The Continental United States consists of 48 states excluding Hawaii and Alaska. So after researching about the average cost we have found that you don’t need to be worried about the cost to ship a car in the whole of the continental United States Of America because it would cost you 950 if your car is being shipped within the premises or boundaries of continental America. I know that it’s something worth to be overwhelmed about and this data has been collected after a lot of research but this price isn’t something you should consider as the God’s commandment. It may vary. It may vary upon several factors such as Weather condition of the state Vehicle type Trailer type etc. Distance also plays an important role in determining the average cost. The rule of thumb is the longer the distance the lesser the cost the shorter the distance the more the cost. Average Shipping cost per mile from State to state:

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The shipping cost per mile depends on the distance that needs to be covered. For shorter distance the anticipated price can exceed from 1 per mile but in a long distance the average cost per mile could be 0.50. In this case an assumption has been made of a standard car and with little or no service and an open carrier. Whereas these are the factors which increase the average cost per mile:  Services being used: Whether the trailer is open or enclosed Whether the service is of door-to-door transport or terminal-to-terminal Etc  Traveled Distance: As already discussed above the “distance” is the most essential component and has a huge impact on the average cost. The relationship between distance and cost is inverse that you have to bear in mind.  Classification of vehicle: A Sedan you wish to ship more than a 100 miles may cost you 0.50 but don’t expect the price to remain the same while you wish to ship an SUV as everything has its cost attached to it. Cost of auto shipping from Massachusetts to Arizona: The average cost to ship a sedan from Massachusetts to Arizona is around 900 to 1000. Price may differ due to the weather conditions and season you should expect to pay 200 or 300 more if the season is of winters and not summers. The slow down in winters due to the weather conditions also becomes a reason for the transport. Cost of car transport from Alabama to New York: People of yellowhammer state got a little lucky when transporting their cars to New York because as compared to other states the price has economic austerity. Although the cost may vary on several factors weather conditions are the most vital of them all. Weather of Alabama may surprise you so pre-booking is a shrewd idea. Auto transporting average cost from California to Washington:

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California being the largest economy reflects its tantrums in the price of auto transportation too. It costs 700 to 1200 if you are willing to ship your Car from the “Grape state” to Washington. It won’t be wrong if you call the weather of California as an extremist because either it makes you shiver in the cold or keep you in your houses to protect from sunburn and there is nothing in between. Pennsylvania to Utah auto shipping cost: If you have planned to move from the hustle bustle of Pennsylvania to the calm and less densely populated state of Utah it would take a significant amount of dollars from your pocket which is 800 to 1400 to ship your car but would bring your eardrums to peace. Indiana to Washington Auto transport cost: Have you planned to take your racing car form the “Land of Indians” to Washington Don’t you worry All you have to worry is about your “empty pocket” because the priciest shipping from state to state among all the states mentioned in the article is from Indiana To Washington. It would cost you between 900-1600 on average to drive your car on the streets of Washington. Auto Shipping Car from Minnesota to New Jersey: The state of Inventions “Minnesota” isn’t very pricey as after Alabama to New York the next most affordable prices is of “Minnesota to New Jersey”. It would cost a mere 400 to 900 to ship a car from Minnesota to New Jersey. The critical factor about Minnesota is its weather conditions. It is highly recommended to pre-book your order for shipment as there are 100 days of cold weather. Conclusion: No matter to which state you want to ship your car all the odds will be in your favor if know the true cost to ship a car from one state to another. There are several ways to ship your car which

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includes train ship airplane but the honest and brotherly advice would be to choose a car transporter. As an auto transporter is a cost-efficient way and the most popular way of shipping. To ship by truck will cost you on average of 950 a train would cost you 1000 and an airplane is the priciest would cost 100000 so a rational and shrewd decision would be a car carrier as it is not a high-cost option yet it is efficient. Although the costs of state to state shipping is taken from live data which is why is real and one can rely on but the customer must inculcate and bear in mind that prices may vary due to several reasons such as weather conditions season type of carrier vehicle type insurance coverage and condition of vehicle etc.

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