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Auto Repair Shops Do you know the auto repair shops close to your home and office Do you know the timings of these auto repair shops what kind of work they do and what quality of work they do Most people treat their cars as if they are invincible. Some may treat it a little better by getting it serviced and maintained but even they assume that their car will never break down if they keep it maintained. And yes I agree that newer cars do not break easily and can go a long way before they break but you never want to bet on this. Car is a machinery with thousands of parts and it takes one part to malfunction to bring your car to a halt. If you do not have these numbers stored on you then you need to start hunting for a car repair shop. If your car breaks down on a freeway at odd hours and you cannot find someone then you have to call for a tow truck to get it towed to safety and tow it a second time to the repair shop. This can be a nuisance and cost you a lot of extra money. This is why it is important to carry the phone numbers of a few auto repair shops at all times. You need to know what kind of services they provide. You need to know if they provide auto towing and especially if they provide auto towing late at night. Do they provide a loaner car for the duration of the repair If yes is the cost included or do you have to pay extra for it.

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If you have all this information on you you can drive at ease knowing you have a backup plan in case your car breaks down.

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