How to Make Your Car Run Smoothly During the Winter Season_

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How to Make Your Car Run  Smoothly During the Winter  Season  ___  Winter is here and this is the time when car owners discover themselves at the risk of  getting stuck with a malfunctioned car. Whether you own a hatchback or an SUV car  problems tend to go up during the cold season. But this doesn’t mean that there is no  way out. By taking proper care and paying attention to a number of things you can  ensure that you enjoy driving your car without any risk of failure.         Have no fear here are some great tips that can help you avoid facing breakdowns in  plummeting temperatures.   1. Get your car serviced   There are chances that you might get your car serviced a few months back. But it is  always a great idea to search for any free or promotional winter car checks offers that a  reputed ​auto repair shop in Sacramento ​ will start promoting this time of year. It is surely  a not-to-miss deal

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2    According to research it has been found that almost half of the car issues could have  been avoided by timely servicing and maintenance checks.   2. Pay attention to cracks get them fixed right away  Before the onset of winter check your car for small cracks in your windows or lights.  Make sure there are no little cracks in your windows or lights on the car. Though they  may be minor at present if a crack freezes then water can get stuck in them make the  crack even worse.  3. Top up on antifreeze for winter  Don’t miss this point. And do remember that the coolant should be a 50/50 mix of water  and antifreeze. This is because most of the car owners top-up water to dilute the  antifreeze. Don’t do this as it can overheat your engine and expenses too.   Avoid this situation by leveling up your engine coolant as you prepare your car for the  winters. Or you can also visit a good auto mechanic in Rio Linda.  4. Check for screen wash  Though you can opt for cheaper screen wash it is recommended to go with a good one.  This is because most of the products can’t withstand temperatures of up to 10 degrees.  More often screen wash cannot withstand cold temperatures and can freeze in the  engine.   5. Check your tyres  The tyres are the most overlooked parts but when it comes to preparing your car for  winter you can’t leave them unchecked. The easiest way to do is to put a 20p coin in a  point between the tread on your tyres and stare at it from a level angle. If you’re able to  see most of the outer ring of the coin your tread is too much worn.  If it covers most of the outer part of the ring it means you can continue with the  left-over tread in your tyre.   6. Inspect the car battery  A non-starting car is one issue that is pretty much common during winters. To avoid  such a situation do perform a thorough check of your car battery and fluid level at the

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3    beginning of the reason. Level up the fluid and if you have doubts regarding your battery  performance get it replaced as soon as possible.    By adhering to these simple steps you can make your car run smoother and longer  during winter.

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