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Enter the world of high end exhaust system Parts with Parts Avatar Canada. We have in stock prop shaft, exhaust pipe, resonator box, leading into a silencer and tail pipe and much more. then click on this link and get beneficial products for your vehicle


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Shop Best Auto Exhaust System Parts At! A typical exhaust system consists of an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, muffler and tail pipe all connected serially to a combustion car engine to flush out exhausts gasses. The exhaust valve allows entry of the hot exhaust gasses into the manifold. The main function of the catalytic converter is to completely neutralize partially combusted gasses such as CO and nitrous oxides that are toxic and harmful to the environment. The cat converter consists of ceramic and platinum or palladium layers. The gasses then move into the hollow muffler chambers of various sizes to eliminate most of the noise they carry from the engine. Resonance and changing directions between the chambers cancels out most of the noise. For more information about the exhaust system visit our website Parts Avatar Canada .


Different Types Of Auto Exhaust System Often, car enthusiasts prefer to have a special muffler resonator to intentionally allow or enhance certain deep notes that are characteristic of some performance sports car engines. They also prefer to enhance the tail pipe with special fittings to enhance the visual appearance. Larger and multiple parallel tail pipes are also often associated with performance cars. More air intake and exhaust allow for extra breathing and combustion of fuel within an engine, and such engines often require larger exhausts.   Find Quality Auto Exhaust System Brands Some well-known makers of quality exhaust components include Walker, Fel -Pro, Dorman, ATP, Beck/ Arnley and Blue Streak. Brands such as Magnaflow and walker are well known for their Catalytic converters and Findanza is known for flywheels. Fel -Pro is known for its gasket sets. Typically, catalytic converters, muffler and pipes require replacements more frequently due to damage or wear and tear with regular driving.   Learn More About Auto Exhaust System A typical car exhaust consists of a series of parts connected from the engine – prop shaft, exhaust pipe , resonator box, leading into a silencer and tail pipe. The purpose of the exhaust is to flush out the hot burnt gasses generated during combustion of gasoline or diesel in a vehicle engine. The hot exhaust gasses, vapors and the location of these parts lead to significant wear and tear of exhaust parts. Any damage, cracks or holes in the exhaust tubing leads to significant noise. Leaks, breaks and rattles often appear at the manifold joint or rubber mountings, often due to excessive engine movement or bar bushes. Exhaust metal-to-metal tubing joints are often joined together using


clamps, nuts and bolts, that require careful positioning. Fitting new clamps or mountings to an exhaust pipe may require cutting through pipes with a mini hacksaw. The pipes are usually held in place under a car body with specific mounts and screws. Having a faulty catalytic converter can lead to a failed emissions test.

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