Top 3 Signs of Malfunctioning Exhaust Manifold in Cars

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The exhaust manifold in your car is responsible for collecting the exhaust gases and is made of cast iron or stamped steel. Moreover, the materials used to manufacture the exhaust manifold are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure & heat in the process of collecting the exhaust gases. However, at times the exhaust manifold may malfunction which can affect the performance of your car. Go through the slide to know the top 3 signs of the malfunctioning exhaust manifold in cars.


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Top 3 Signs of Malfunctioning Exhaust Manifold in Cars


Exhaust manifold is an engine component that is found in all internal combustion engines and is usually made of cast iron or stamped steel &designed to collect exhaust gases.


The exhaust manifold is attached to the engine cylinder heads and has ports that collect exhaust gases from each individual engine cylinder.


The materials used in making the exhaust manifold are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and heat required to trap & transport exhaust gases.


While they are strong by nature, they are still prone to issue and can affect the integrity & smooth running of the car.


However, a failing exhaust manifold produces some symptoms which can warn the driver of potential issues. Here are the following signs exhibited by the exhaust manifold.


Abnormal sounds


The first symptoms you will experience is a problem with the engine exhaust manifold is an excessively noisy exhaust when the car is running.


If the exhaust manifold cracks, breaks, or leaks, it will cause an exhaust leak that will lead to a noisy exhaust which will warn you about the potential problem.


Your car will produce a hissing or tapping sound from the engine bay which will get louder when the engine is accelerated.


Decrease in Efficiency


The engine performance issues are another symptom that can be caused by a malfunctioning exhaust manifold in your car.


If the exhaust manifold cracks or leaks, then it will cause an exhaust leak which can negatively affect the engine performance.


An exhaust leak can cause the vehicle to experience a reduction in power, acceleration and even fuel efficiency.


Foul smell from the engine bay


One of the most common symptom of an issue with the exhaust manifold is a foul burning smell from the engine bay.


When the exhaust manifold has an issue with the heat shield or exhaust leaks, then the excess heat can damage the nearby electrical and plastic components.


Exhaust manifolds can reach temperatures in excess of nine hundred degrees Fahrenheit which can cause any nearby or contacted components to burn up.


Thus, these burnt components produce a foul smell and can also damage the other parts of your car.




The exhaust manifolds are one of the strong components in your car but they are still prone to issues and can malfunction anytime.


If you ever experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your car, then take your vehicle to an automotive shop to fix the issue.


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