Signs Indicating exhaust Issues in Your Car

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The exhaust system is essential for the smooth functioning of the engine. So, you should be aware of signs such as abnormal noise, loss of power & acceleration, decreased fuel efficiency or a hanging exhaust pipe which indicates exhaust issues with your car. See these slides to know more about such signs.


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Signs Indicating exhaust Issues in Your Car


There are many components in the car that play an active role in controlling the emission from the vehicle.


However, at times the car owners become complacent in maintaining the exhaust system in their car which often leads to issues in the exhaust system.


There are several ways to identify exhaust issues in your car and here are the signs that will tell you that your car exhaust has failed.


Abnormal noise


One of the first signs of exhaust issues shown by your car is the abnormal sounds produced by the engine when the exhaust system fails.


You need to pay attention to the sound coming from the engine and if it gets louder with each passing day, then it is caused due to the failing of the components of the exhaust system.


Moreover, the exhaust manifold gasket which is one of the most important components of the exhaust system will produce hissing or tapping sound if there is a leak in the component.


Loss of power & acceleration


Any issues with the exhaust system of your car also adversely affect the performance of the vehicle.


The most noticeable will be your acceleration as you will not be able to accelerate as well or as quickly and in addition to this, you will not get the same power while accelerating.


The issue will get worse with the passage of time and you need to address it quickly by taking your car to an automotive shop to inspect & fix the problem.


Decreased fuel efficiency


Furthermore, with the decrease in power and acceleration of the vehicle, the fuel efficiency of the car also takes a beating.


This happens because the fuel system of the car works very hard to function in the same way that it does without an exhaust problem and in turn, it ends up consuming even more fuel.


Most people think that the cost of replacing the exhaust system or repairing it is very high, but in the long run, you will spend a lot more on fuel if you don't get the exhaust system fixed.


Hanging exhaust pipe


If any part of the exhaust pipe breaks, even the part which will not cause a leak if it breaks, then the exhaust pipe will begin to hang under the car.


Moreover, if the exhaust pipe gets damaged, then also your car will produce loud noise when you will be driving.


Consequently, the dragging of the exhaust pipe poses not the only danger to you but also to the other drivers on the road.




The above-mentioned signs will let you know if there is an issue with the exhaust system of your car and you need to be alert about these signs.


Whenever you experience any issues in the exhaust system of your car, you should take it to an automotive shop to fix the problem.

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