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Learn what is ‘PowerPoint Trigger’ and how to add trigger effect to text, images or movies on slides in a few simple steps.


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PowerPoint Triggers:

PowerPoint Triggers

What is a PowerPoint Trigger?:

What is a PowerPoint Trigger? A PowerPoint trigger is used when you have an animation effect, sound or movie on a slide and an action is set off when you click any of these. The action can be sound, a movie or a text becoming visible on the slide. For instance, you are creating a slide for a presentation of teacher biographies. You need to set up a picture (presumably of the teacher) so that it triggers a little text biography when it's clicked. In such a situation, you can use triggers.

Simple steps to use PowerPoint Trigger:

Simple steps to use PowerPoint Trigger

PowerPoint Presentation:

Open a blank presentation. In the Slide Layout task pane, find and click a layout called Content with Caption , which should have a room for an image on the right and a list on the left.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Insert an image you want, add text to explain the picture and then apply an animation effect on the text

PowerPoint Presentation:

Open the Custom Animation task pane and add animation effects You’ll get best output if the animation effect is set to play automatically i.e. After Previous

Hook up the Trigger:

Hook up the Trigger

PowerPoint Presentation:

Look for the animation effects in Custom Animation task pane, click the arrow on the right to select “Effect options”.

PowerPoint Presentation:

A pop up box of the animation appears onscreen, select Timing tab. Then click the Triggers button on the lower left.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Click Start effect on click of and you'll see a list that looks something like this: Select the placeholder or text box that represents the picture you inserted. Then, click Ok .

PowerPoint Presentation:

The animation is now set to play when you click the photo, and the effect looks like this in the task pane:

PowerPoint Presentation:

You can view the trigger effect on your slide. Press F5 and run the presentation in the Slide Show mode.

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