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Easy ways to add notes to your PowerPoint 2007 slides that helps you through the presentations or refreshing the key points in your memory from time to time.


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Simple ways to add notes in PowerPoint 2007  :

Simple ways to a dd notes in PowerPoint 2007

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PowerPoint 2007 allows you to make a note of key points in your presentation with Notes pane. You can prepare a clear and detailed description of the content in your slides. This feature also helps you in preparing yourself with short notes while making a presentation to the audiences.

Follow a simple procedure to add notes to PowerPoint 2007:

Follow a simple procedure to add notes to PowerPoint 2007 There are two simple ways to add notes to your PowerPoint:-

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1. Go to View tab, click Notes Page button. The screen for Click to add notes option gets enlarged and you can edit in the text box.

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2. Another way is you can click and drag the Notes pane border just below the slide. The text box enlarges where you can edit the text.

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As you type your notes, you can use any of the PowerPoint standard word-processing features like Copy, Cut and Paste commands.

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If you need to create more that one paragraph, press Enter key and your notes display at the bottom of the slide.

How are adding notes to PowerPoint 2007 valuable?:

How are adding notes to PowerPoint 2007 valuable? It enables you to keep a note of key or main points of your PowerPoint presentation. Use the Notes pane to give a vivid and in-depth description of the images or objects you display on your slides. Adding short descriptions to the pane helps you in recollecting or revising the main points from time to time. You can also create speaker notes in the pane while making a presentation.

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