What are the Major Changes in Student Visa Requirements?

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Are you going to submit an application for Australian student visa? Know how the updated immigration risk ratings has affected the evidence requirements. to know more information about requirements read this document by AusVisaHub which explain you major changes in student visa requirements.


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Planning To Study In Australia Know The Major Changes In Student Visa Requirements Between 2012 and 2014 the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection DIBP with the objective of making the process of studying in Australia easier for outside students. Also you must know how much you are going to spend because based on the type of visa that you apply for and your age prices can change and you could even have to pay some extra charges. Major changes in Australian student visas are: Discard of preceding sub-classes and the introduction of the new subclass 500 student visas lodging of students within Australia with some exceptions simplification of the English language and economic requirements and alterations to the 8202 “Maintain Enrollment” condition. The first case the modification of the visa until July 1 st of 2016 there existed seven Australian visas. All these subclasses have specific requirements depending on your age and the type of course being these school higher education vocational education PhD or English language. Another thing you need to keep in mind is your budget. Every Australian visa has a base application charge in the case of a student visa subclass 500 it has a cost of 560 AUD plus 400 AUD if you are over 18 or 140 AUD if you are under 18 nevertheless these prices are constantly changing and they can be different at the time you apply for the visa. The second main change is the lodging. Before the changes a student only has the opportunity to lodge in Australia if they already have a student visa.

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Planning To Study In Australia Know The Major Changes In Student Visa Requirements Now it’s possible to lodge as a student in Australia if you possess a “substantive visa” which means any kind of visa. In Australia the levels of English language and economic are very demanding with the changes that the government made if your visa level is considered “low risk” you can be able to lodge your application without passing through English tests or economic resources the risk level depends on your country’s risk level and education provider. Also you can be exempt from English testing if you have a UK USA Canada New Zealand or Ireland passport if you are listed on an ELICOS course you are a secondary exchange student have a full Senior Secondary Certificate of Education in Australia have partly completed a Cert IV in Australia or have 5 full years of medium English education in Australia Canada New Zealand South Africa Ireland UK or USA. Likewise if your visa doesn’t fit “low risk” profile you must prove your English ability. Unless you fit the “low risk” profile you must evidence your economic capacity from living expenses during the first 12 months in the country your course fees for the first 12 months travel expenses and income level of your parents. During a 12 month period living costs can range in 19830 AUD only the main applicant plus 6940 AUD for your partner. Finally the “Maintain enrollment” condition objective is that with the changes it prevents students to change to a lower course and this level would be based on AQF level represented on their visa.

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Planning To Study In Australia Know The Major Changes In Student Visa Requirements Keep yourself updated with all the changes that government can make and all the necessary charges to avoid extra expenses and to enjoy your trip.

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