Psychological Impact of Colour on Our Mood

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Different colour have different effect on our psychology and mental health.It’s always best to be serious while choosing the colour of your home or office interior.Continue reading to know how they can affect your life.


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Psychological Impact of Colour on Our Mood Presented by: Explained by: Painting Services in Sydney


Scientists has discovered that different colours have different effect on our psychology and mental health. They can greatly impact on our life and thus it’s always best to be serious while choosing the colour of your home or office interior.   Continue reading to know how they can affect your life. It’s True – It’s Scientific


White – The Symbol of Purity It’s strange especially when white is actually a mixture of all the three prime colours (or the 7 colours of the rainbow). It shows innocence and luxury. Using white colour on your walls, curtains and bed makes the room more peaceful and comfortable.   But, it’s often treated as more institutional colour and thus people mostly don’t prefer to use it in their home interior.  


Black – The Symbol of Boldness Many country and culture treat black as a symbol of evil. But, it can give you a feeling of boldness and power. That’s why it is used in suit, cars and several other objects. However, black is a colour that absorbs light and thus it’s never suitable for any interior or exterior painting.   As per painting services in Sydney, you can use black on borders, photo-frames, and some other places to make them prominent.


Red – The Symbol of Romance   Red symbolises love and romance. It is a vibrant colour that can boost your strong emotions and make you feel romantic. Red is inviting and thus mostly used in reception area strategically.   However, red is a warm colour and thus it can affect your sleep. Using red in living room can even make you irritated and it can affect peace of the home.


Blue – The Symbol of Serenity   Blue is the most loved colour by men. It is a cool colour that can make you more productive and energetic. It’s improves peace of mind and can promote sleep. It’s good choice for bedroom of elderly people who are suffering from insomnia.   Though, many painting services in Sydney say that blue can promote sadness and cause depression and thus it’s not good to spend more time in a room with blue interior.    


Green – The Symbol of Life People has natural love towards green. It can promote tranquillity and health. It improves hunger and relieves stress. Green symbolises new life and thus it’s treated as the colour of fertility and new life.   Green is good for any room; however, being dark by nature, it can reduce the light in the room.  


Purple – The Symbol of Wealth Purple denotes luxury and wealth. It’s a vibrant colour and may not be suitable for people with high blood pressure. It is a royal colour that can give your house a unique elegant appearance.   But, being too strong effect on our eyes, it’s suggested to use only when you have a bigger room.  


Yellow – The Symbol of Warmth and Energy One of the most vibrant and warm colours is yellow. It’s too eye catchy and can boost your energy. Yellow colour on your house interior can give it a bold and aggressive look and can improve your productivity.   However, yellow can promote restlessness and isn’t suitable for people with insomnia.


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