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At Australasian Fire & Safety, we offer Fire Extinguisher training & fire safety courses. Visit us for detailed information.


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Irrespective of the type of industry fire extinguisher training is an extremely important element in every company training schedule. Just by buying and installing a high-end extinguisher the responsibility of an authority doesn’t end. The company needs to train their employees to get a hands on experience in using that extinguisher effectively. Understanding the working and usage of extinguisher is a must element to learn. Therefore it is imperative that employees undergo appropriate fire extinguisher training specifically designed for the building they are in. What is a fire safety training Fire safety training is a course that has developed to arm every employee or selected members of employees with the necessary knowledge and technical ability to handle the fire if ever occur. Fire safety training not only equip the employee but also provide the safety experts to believe that training knowledge and practical experience can cause their behaviours to be modified. A planned proper training preparing people for how to deal with a fire and they suggest that this will lead to the best chance of a safe and methodical evacuation being conducted. What is fire extinguisher training and how it differs An effective Fire extinguisher training offers more than the mere basics of how to operate a fire extinguisher. The training that you choose for your employee should be in-depth not just a video based presentation or any video based training program. Fire extinguisher training will provide one with the knowledge of how to use a fire extinguisher with respect to the environment that requires. A good fire extinguisher training programme will give you the wide knowledge on

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every emergency and will focus on the kind of fire that can possibly happen in your environment. A typical fire extinguisher training will leave you with the knowledge to answer and teach others with the below mentioned questions. 1. What is an extinguisher and its operation 2. How to find a fire extinguisher in the building 3. When do we need to use an extinguisher 4. How to use an extinguisher 5. How to stay yourself safe and others safe 6. What are the options that you need to consider before you operate an extinguisher 7. Which extinguisher need to be used 8. What are the kinds of extinguishers Fire safety extinguisher training is a must for everyone. The training will empower every trainee with the knowledge and the practical application of an extinguisher in their own building.

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