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Oasis Medical  Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic is one of the best aesthetic medical clinic provides best aesthetic treatments.


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Oasis Medical Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic Surpassing your expectation in Medical Aesthetics Welcome To


About Us Oasis Medical and Aesthetics & wellness center is the best place for getting an effective aesthetic treatment s in Massachusetts including Coolsculpting, Facial Rejuvenation , Facial Microneedling , Microneedling For Alopecia , Laser Facial Hair Removal , etc. With the use of advanced techniques and clinical equipments, our well-trained staff and licensed medical director proficiently conduct every treatment procedure for better results. We cover major cities in Massachusetts such as, Foxboro, Wrentham , Midway , Bellingham , Mansfield , Blackstone .


Services Coolsculpting Facial Rejuvenation Facial Microneedling Microneedling For Alopecia Laser Facial Hair Removal Alternative Medicine & Wellness


Coolsculpting Coolsculpting Treatment in Franklin, MA offers patients with great advantages. The treatment is thoroughly non-surgical and offers results that are immediate and typically noticeable, however, the complete benefit becomes apparent within a few months as the body metabolizes and eliminates treated fat cells. This is one of the most advanced aesthetic treatments for fat reduction .


Facial Rejuvenation A nti-wrinkle or wrinkle-reducing injections are widely accepted facial rejuvenation methods and utilized for revitalizing the natural skin. The wrinkles, spots, and pimples on the facial areas like forehead, chin, crow area, cheekbone, neck with upper & lower lips are mainly targeted in the treatment under facial rejuvenation service in Massachusetts , USA.


Facial Microneedling Facial microneedling offered in Massachusetts is completely non-surgical and chemical free to remodernize the appearance of skin and create new collagen and elastin. This method is preferred over other ones as it is made for all skin types and risk-free. In minimum downtime, your skin will become more youthful and firmer with reverse signs of aging.


Microneedling For Alopecia Microneedling is the best cure for all above types of hair problems and it is more effective than any other process of Alopecia treatment in Massachusetts . Alopecia areata is one of those hair related diseases which is known as an autoimmune disorder in which the patient suffers from heavy hair loss on the scalp. Today, Microneedling technique is considered as the best Alopecia areata treatment at Oasis Medical Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic .


Laser Facial Hair Removal Among several cosmetic procedures, t he laser facial hair removal in USA is the most appropriate and painless treatment for men and women. Based on the diode laser system, the concentrated laser beam is focused on hair follicles and they are destroyed permanently in the most convenient manner. However, the laser beam is adjusted precisely with the required wavelength for the patient’s comfort and removing each and every hair strand efficiently.


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