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Website speed is part of Google search algorithm and we use updated SEO techniques for it as well. Consumer experience is one of the key concepts of a site and speed is one of its most significant features. Slow loading pages suffer from lower rank on search engines and low client engagement. We all want that websites load faster.

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The consumers of every website are looking for a faster and easier experience. Generally the size of websites is getting bigger and need to be made faster. So the users find it easier to navigate them and make purchases on them. Here are few reasons that will make you choose new website speed optimization techniques. Here are some practical website speed optimization techniques that will work well for your business.

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Use CDNs CDNs stand for Content Delivery Networks. There are so many websites which are using CDNs to improve the speed of their website. Content Delivery Networks transfers the static files to servers that are close to the users. This makes the web pages load faster and dramatically decrease your latency. A CDN is appropriate for larger websites for speed and performance improvement and it also helps in faster delivery of content pages to the servers at consumer locations.

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Gzip compression Compression is a simple and functional method to secure bandwidth. This is helpful in improving the website speed. Gzip compression of HTML and CSS files helps in saving 50 to 70 percent of the size of the file.

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Minify CSS And JavaScript Minification helps in removing the unnecessary characters from code execution such as comments white space character and new line characters. This helps in improving the load speed of the website. Minification helps in reducing the code that is transferred over the web.

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If you have a number of heavy images on your webpage then it can actually reduce its speed. To optimize the images use image editors as it really helps in improving the load speed time of the pages. Image Optimization

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A number of Images on the webpage can decrease the speed of webpage radically. If you combine all background images into one then it can help in reducing the page load time. The suitable image segment will be shown as a result of the CSS background position and background image properties. Combine images to CSS

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Expires header The expiration time can be set as desired. This method will help you to store website details on the computer for faster loading. The expiration date in the header will help you in determining the amount of time for which the file will remain in the computer.

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Keep-alive allows the same TCP connection for HTTP conversation in place of a new one with each new request.It is a communication between the server and the browser. This communication helps to capture multiple files at the same time. Enable HTTP Keep Alive Headers

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