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Butterfly By Kate


Classification Butterflies are flying insects with three main body parts the head, thorax and abdomen.


Description Butterflies are brightly coloured flying insects with large wings. They have 3 main body parts the head, thorax and abdomen. The butterfly has 3 pairs of joined legs. Butterflies blood is yellow, green or colourless – never red.


Habitat Most butterflies make their homes in grasslands and woodlands. Some butterflies live on mountaintops. The most colourful butterflies live in the tropics. Many butterflies hibernate through winter and some migrate to a warmer place.



Feeding habits:

Feeding habits Butterflies drink nectar, a sweet sugary liquid found inside flowers. Butterflies suck the nectar using their proboscis. The proboscis is a long thin tube that works like a drinking straw. Butterflies don’t chew their food.

Breeding habits:

Breeding habits A female butterfly mostly lays her eggs on the undersides of plant leaves or on stems. The eggs are very tiny, about the size of a pin head.

Other facts:

Other facts The ancient

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