5 Summers Treat for Your Dog

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With the increase in the temperature, it may affect your dog health and they might get overheated. Dogs can also get affected by heatstroke, dehydration, etc. due to summer heat.


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5 Summers Treat for Your Dog Summers bring a lot of options of juicy healthy and mouth-watering natural treats for all. As we all know summers can be harmful not only to us but it can also affect our dog as well. So to keep them healthy and cool for the summers you should look after them and also provide with fresh vegetables and fruits. With the increase in the temperature it may affect your dog health and they might get overheated. Dogs can also get affected by heatstroke dehydration etc. due to summer heat. So to prevent them from all the summer hazards you need to remember the golden word during summers which is ‘Frozen’. Below is the list of all the frozen foods that you may feed your dog to keep them going under the summer heat. Dog’s Ice Cream You must have heard that popular ice cream song “I Scream You Scream We all Scream for Ice Cream”. Well this song says it all when we hear the word ice cream. There is no denying the fact that dogs too like ice cream as much as we do. So why not feed them a dog ice cream not regular one which is lactose-free.

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Cucumbers The one big advantage of cucumbers is that it contains low sugar content and carbohydrates making it suitable to feed your dog. They are even high in water content which can be a good way to provide them with extra hydration. Frozen Chicken Or Beef Soup Flavored chicken or beef ice is an all-time favorite of dogs as they love to play with ice. You can freeze the chicken or beef soup with some pieces of it to get you frozen chicken cubes for your dog that they’ll devour it. Yogurt Mix Try mixing yogurt with fruits like watermelon and strawberry without seeds and serve them frozen to your dog. This treat can be a good source of anti-oxidants. Frozen Seasonal Fruit Fruits like muskmelon apple watermelon oranges bananas and strawberries can make a great summer treat that will freshen up your dog’s mood. Cut fruits of your choice into small pieces and freeze them in an ice tray. Make sure to remove all seeds and peels before feeding your dog. To sum up it is recommended to avoid excess feeding of fruits as they are rich in sugar and too much is sugar can be harmful to your lovely dog. Source: https://dogguthealth.wixsite.com/mysite/blog/5-summers-treat-for-your- dog

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