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AUSK Stone directly supplies outdoor pavers and indoor benchtops to contractors, developers, builders, architect, shop retailers and so on. Through years of experience and hardwork, Ausk Stone’s qualified team of technical personnel has built a robust set of process management and strict quality control system. We are highly regarded by our customers, with a reputation for providing superior products and services at affordable prices!


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Glorify your kitchens with elegant stone benchtops. Remember the time when kitchen were only a space for house hold works and nothing else Though a place for very important household activities kitchens were not maintained as integral part of the house. But those days are gone and now kitchens are considered as important as any other portion of our houses. Now homeowners pay special attention to aesthetics and design of their kitchen. From floor walls tiles cupboards to other finer details everything in kitchen as well are part of the overall design. One most important part of the kitchen are the benchtops which serve as the workstation of the cook. Exposed to all types of vulnerabilities kitchens tops should qualify on a bunch of parameters before making it into your kitchens. Out of all the other option available Stone Kitchen Benchtops are considered best for this purpose. Resistant to all mishaps which can possibly occur while cooking like stain oil spills grease and other spilling stone slabs are extremely easy to clean. They are heat and moisture resistant and just need a swipe of a wet cloth to be clean as new again.

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They are smooth and do not get scratchy so easily. Even if anything like a sharp knife or edgy crockery comes in contact with the kitchen top it is not going to get scared. Due to their negligible maintenance strong built and hard surface they last for a long time. Simple to install kitchen benchtops are available in wide variety of colours textures and designs to choose from hence they give you a wide range to customise and choose how you want your kitchen to look like. Ausk corporation pty ltd is veteran stone kitchen benchtop suppliers and installers who are giving their customers wonderful cooking experience. Their experience and trained staff takes up new build or renovation jobs and provides customised solutions on a very competitive price point. If you want to make your kitchens shine like rest of your house call Ausk Corporation. They will give your kitchen its best mate and you will get a perfect solution for your cooking needs.

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