How Intermodal Software Can Save You Time and Money

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How Intermodal Software Can Save You Time and Money Aurora Software Inc WWW.AURORASOFTWARE.COM

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T rucking firms that heave intermodal loads are like juggler. Think about all the balls you’ve to keep in the air: rail schedules, port schedules, the requirements of shippers, government consents, container movements, equipment upkeep, consumer billing, and driver payment. You may have to handle both single & multi-container moves, full containers and LCL freight. That is where intermodal trucking software can help. By computerizing everyday tasks, highlighting probable issues, spotting opportunities and maintaining important data, helps in keeping each aspect of your business operating smoothly, decreasing the work needed to cater your consumers and keeping your costs under control. Listed below are some of the improvements you can obtain by automating with an intermodal management system.

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Competent dispatch: With intermodal software it becomes easy to plan trips, eradicate empty miles and screen the status of all trucks, drivers and containers. Equipment handling: With intermodal trucking software you can track chassis pickup, manage chassis billing, manage container storage for customers, track container usage and obtain alerts to avoid per diem charges. Finance : With the help of an intermodal management system you can eliminate the risk of making duplicate payments to carriers, make driver payment accurately & on time, track payable in real time and simplify your overall accounting process. Customer service : Your intermodal management system administers tracking numbers, bills of lading, purchase order and customs info. It allows you incorporate notes for drivers, improve mileage and include new zones, shippers and consignees on the fly. Also it allows you to make a web portal, so consumers can enter loads, track shipments and get quotes at their convenience.

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Actionable insight: Dashboards & visibility tools let you see how your business is performing in areas like revenue, operational competence, and profitability by driver, empty miles and detention management. This lets you to identify trends & take action prior to problems build up. To know more about how intermodal software can streamline your process & lower your costs contact Aurora Software.

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