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Slide 2:

like likes Mary ______ drawing picture.

Slide 3:

like likes We ______ playing football.

Slide 4:

like likes Jack ______ planting tree.

Slide 5:

like likes Sponge Bob ______ singing.

Slide 6:

Don’t like Doesn’t like Terry ______ lifting weight.

Slide 7:

like s like Bart and Jim ______ skating.

Slide 8:

like likes Sam ______ playing with toy cars.

Slide 9:

like s like Tinkerbell and Tweety __ flying.

Slide 10:

Don’t like Doesn’t like Crocodile ___ running.

Slide 11:

Doesn’t like Don’t like Dan likes playing guitar,but Jess __like playing guitar.

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