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We cordially welcome you to attend the “Biochemistry Conference 2019” which will provide a unique forum for knowledge in the field of biochemistry research.https://biochemistry.aureliusconferences.com/metabolism/


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Annual Conference On Biochemistry:

Annual Conference On B i o ch e mi st r y November 18 – 19, 2019 | Milan, Italy


APPLICATION OF BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry study is related to the medicine industry. In the improvement of medicine, the concept of Biochemistry is widely used. Some of the applications of biochemistry in the medicine field and medical treatment include: Physiology, pathology, nutritional deficiency, hormonal deficiency, kidney function test, blood test, liver function tests, serum cholesterol test, pregnancy test, breast cancer test, PKU test.


PLANT BIOCHEMISTRY Plant biochemistry is an important field in basic science explaining the molecular function of plant and also in applied science to contribute solutions for agricultural and pharmaceutical issues. Plants are important source of raw materials such as starch and fat, they are also the basis for production of pharmaceutics. In future genetic technology will lead to more use of plants as a sustainable raw material for industrial purpose. Plant Biochemistry cover a broad filed of some important processes and technology like photosynthesis, plant biology, primary and secondary metabolism, plant genetics and plant biotechnology.


CELL BIOLOGY Cellbiologyisabranchofbiologywhichstudiesstructureand function of cell, which is basic unit of life. Some organisms have only single cell, while others are organized into joint groups with huge numbers of cells. Research in cell biology is closely related to genetics, immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry and cytochemistry.

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