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Scientific Sessions Of Annual conference on Biochemistry:

Scientific Sessions Of Annual conference on Biochemistry November 18 – 19, 2019 | Milan, Italy


BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOINFORMATICS Biotechnology is a technology based on biology, now a day’s modern biotechnology is combating with rare diseases, using less and clean energy. It is also helping in cleaner, safer and more efficient industrial manufacturing process. Biotechnology is the research and development in the laboratory using bioinformatics for exploitation, extraction, exploration and production from living organism. Bioinformatics is a field of study that uses computation to extract knowledge from biological data. Bioinformatics include the identification of genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).


INDUSTRIAL BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemistry is concerned with the chemical processes that occurwithin living organisms, including microorganisms. At the industrial stage, biochemistry helps to create alternative supply sources to oil by converting renewable raw materials from plants and by reducing the environmental footprint of production facilities through the use of industrial fermentation as an alternative of industrial chemistry.


CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Chemical Biology is the combine study of chemical reaction involved in biological process. It involves using the techniques, tools, and methods of chemistry to the study of biologicalsystems. Chemicalbiologyusuallyinvolvessmaller molecules than biochemistry, which looks at large molecules like nucleic acids and proteins.

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