Kids' who read, succeed.

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Students at Sandy Beach Primary School are encouraged to understand that we need to read for many reasons. (Annette Lamb, 2001.)

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Real-World Reading. Information Age Reading. Pleasure Reading. Communication Reading. Life Long Learning.

Real-World Reading. : 

Real-World Reading. You need reading to survive.

Real-World Reading. : 

Real-World Reading. If you get behind in reading, you'll have trouble in every subject.

Information Age Reading. : 

Information Age Reading. You need reading for most careers.

Information Age Reading. : 

Information Age Reading. Internet = Reading. Keeping up in a changing world requires good reading skills.

We don’t want our kids to say: : 

We don’t want our kids to say: “I can’t keep up!!!!!”

Pleasure Reading. : 

Pleasure Reading. Reading can be a most wonderful leisure activity. It's one interesting activity you can do on a plane, on the beach, or in a line that doesn't require batteries! You can read almost anywhere.

Pleasure Reading. : 

Pleasure Reading. Make reading fun for your kids!

Help babies become readers : 

Help babies become readers Reading to your kids is great. It teaches them to focus on words and to associate books with love and cuddles. But reading to your kids isn't enough! Kids need MANY skills to learn to read.

Kids need to be able to coordinate : 

Kids need to be able to coordinate so they can track across the page left to right. Games like catch and hopping and skipping are important learning tasks too!

Focus is important : 

Focus is important Most of all, kids need to learn how to concentrate – and TV doesn't teach this. TV shows are designed so that if your attention wanders – or you need to go to the bathroom – you can still pick up what's happened.

Talk to your kids : 

Talk to your kids – share long conversations, tell them stories, teach them how to make sausage rolls or play 'I spy'.

Take your kids to the library : 

Take your kids to the library Introduce them to formal story time or start a 'baby book club' where parents take turns reading stories to the kids – and the Mums and Dads get a chance to relax and talk to each other too.

Communication Reading. : 

Communication Reading. You need reading to communicate whether you're writing or reading a letter, email, or report.

Life Long Learning. : 

Life Long Learning. You need reading for learning. Life is about learning. You need reading for life. C Audrey Nay 2007

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