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Our Services : 

Our Services Our program to your hotel is a unique-interactive service that provides time and savings to your guests. Our system gets local businesses involved H 1

We Save The Hotel Money : 

We Save The Hotel Money Our system saves the front desk both time and money. Real MoneyExample: 115 Rooms x 365 days 41,975 rented rooms 75 % occupancy 31,481 100 rooms x 365 days 36,500 rented rooms75 % occupancy 27,375 85 rooms x 365 days 31,025 rented rooms 75% occupancy 23,268 H 2

Time Spent Example : 

Time Spent Example A guest spends about 2 minutes calling the front desk 31,481 x 2 min = 62,962 minutesdivided by 60 minutes-equals 1,049 hours/year at $8.00/per hour Total Savings : $8,395 per year H 3

Time Spent Example : 

Now imagine that it takes 3 - 5 minutes each time a guest wants information about restaurants, golf courses, theatersor any other information Time Spent Example H 4

Your Audio Concierge System : 

Our system serves your guests 24/7 The cost of our system to your hotel: Nothing! Your Audio Concierge System H 5

Your Audio Concierge System : 

Your Audio Concierge System All that is required is to allow an 8” x 11” size table tent display next to the telephone or on the dresser in each room. Our concierge service will provide directions to your guests, thus saving your staff valuable time. H 6

Our Systems Benefits : 

Our Systems Benefits Saves time and money Provides unparallel services to your guest Gets local businesses involved Costs nothing. No cost! H 7

Our Hotel Communications Affiliate Network : 

Our Hotel Communications Affiliate Network Is global and provides a variety of business critical communication and storage messaging services NASDAQ: JGM Our global network spans more than 3,000 cities in 45 countries on 6 continents and services more than 11 million subscribers worldwide H 8

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