A Traditional Juleaften Celebration


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A Traditional Juleaften Celebration : 

A Traditional Juleaften Celebration By: AV Smith

Traditional Danish Christmas Tree : 

Traditional Danish Christmas Tree The tree has to be set up on the 23rd of December, or Lille Juleaften (Little Christmas Eve) The Christmas trees in Denmark traditionally use real candles to light them Homemade decorations, such as red and white checked heart shaped baskets and cornucopias filled with treats, a string of small Danish flags in place of garland, and handmade gingerbread ornaments decorate the tree Wrapped presents are placed under the tree to be opened on Juleaften.

Traditional Juleaften Dinner : 

Traditional Juleaften Dinner Juleaftern is the 24th of December, or Christmas Eve On Juleaften families gathers for a huge feast Traditional dinner consists of roast duck or turkey, Brune Kartofler (carmelized new potatoes), Rødkål (red cabbage), pickled herring, and many other delicious side dishes Traditional eating of risengrød , a hot rice pudding

Traditional Juleaften Activities : 

Traditional Juleaften Activities Sing Christmas carols and play games after Juleaften feast Dessert is served while opening presents Dessert is a large variety of traditional Danish Christmas cookies and Æblekage, a traditional Applesauce cake Families often stay up late playing games and drinking

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