Arizona Auctions: Selling at a live, simulcast or online auction

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Do you want sell items at a live, simulcast or online Arizona auction? Check out this presentation from Auction Systems' President & CEO, Deb Weidenhamer. Also visit today.


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Arizona Auctions: Selling at a Live, Simulcast or Online Auction By Deb Weidenhamer President & CEO, Auction Systems :

Arizona Auctions: Selling at a Live, Simulcast or Online Auction By Deb Weidenhamer President & CEO, Auction Systems

Arizona Auctions:

Arizona Auctions A fast and profitable way to cash in on your unwanted assets is by selling them at Arizona auctions. Auctions sell virtually every type of industrial, commercial and personal asset. They come in many forms, including autos, bankruptcies, business liquidations, charities, estates and antiques, government agencies, household dispersals, landlord liquidations, lien satisfaction and private invitation only. In general, these auctions can be conducted live, simulcast or online.

Selling at Live Arizona Auctions:

Selling at Live Arizona Auctions In a live auction, items are liquidated at the seller’s location or the auction house’s facility. The auction service will stage and properly display the auction merchandise. An experienced auction house will divide and combine assets strategically to encourage sales at the highest price. In addition, the auction house should conduct a targeted advertising campaign to interested buyers likely to pay the most. This form of auction produces the fastest cash settlement for sellers.

Selling Items in Online Arizona Auctions:

Selling Items in Online Arizona Auctions Online Arizona auctions may be used to sell specialized items to select buyers. Examples include special collections and small antiques. The auction house will photograph each item, write a description and list the items on an Internet auction site such as eBay. These types of online-only auctions tend to take more time. Special research is conducted into each item so the description can be accurate and promotional. However, it is not uncommon for these online auctions to provide the largest return for sellers.

Selling at Simulcast Arizona Auctions:

Selling at Simulcast Arizona Auctions Simulcast auctions combine live and online auctions. These Arizona auctions can be conducted at the seller’s location or the auction service’s facilities. Items to be auctioned appear on the Internet the same time as the live auction. Just as the other Arizona auctions described above, merchandise is photographed and described in writing. This information is placed online at least one week prior to the live event. Bidders participating online can preview items and make proxy bids. On auction day, bidders can attend the live auction or participate online from any location. Online bidders bid in real time against other online bidders and live auction attendees. Expanding the buyer base often produces additional revenue for sellers.

Partner with a Proven Auction Service:

Partner with a Proven Auction Service Regardless of the auction type, you want to use an auction house that fully understands how to create markets for your assets. The auction company must be adept in marketing and advertising programs to attract the most qualified buyers. By reaching the right audience, you can be assured of competitive bidding. A solid auction service will know who the buyers are and how to reach them. They will use diverse advertising vehicles, such as direct mail, trade journals, newspapers, Internet, e-mail and fax, to get the word out. And, most importantly, the best auction service will have a solid reputation for fairness and ethical conduct.

Arizona Auctions:

Arizona Auctions Finally, it’s important to your bottom line to carefully consider buyer’s premiums for items sold at Arizona auctions. These premiums are charges tacked on to the final selling price and can be as much as 25 percent. Buyer’s premiums can hinder sales and put less money in the seller’s pocket. Therefore, sellers should first consider auction houses that don’t charge these add-on costs. To get the most from your auction experience, you should select an auction house with a proven track record. By conducting numerous auctions a year and producing substantial dollar amounts for sellers, a reputable auction service can make a substantial marketing and financial difference for you.

About the Author:

About the Author Deb Weidenhamer is President of Auctions Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in auctions and professional appraisals. Visit us at or call 1-800-801-8880 for more information about our Arizona auctions company.

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