Calcium signaling and fertilization

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intracellular calcium release at fertilization:

intracellular calcium release at fertilization

Cortical reaction and Ca 2+:

Cortical reaction and Ca 2+ During cortical reaction, Cortical granules in the egg fuse with the plasma membrane - The secreted contents clip off sperm binding receptors and cause the fertilization envelope to form. This acts as a slow block to polyspermy. The formation of a fertilization envelope requires a high concentration of Calcium ions in the egg

Background Information :

Background Information The first experiments on Calcium signaling was in 1930s, Daniel Mazia a cell biologist observed an increase in Ca 2+ in the ultrafiltrates of homogenatese of Arbacia eggs which had just been fertilized Azarnia and Chambers in 1976 used Calcium fluxes to demonstrate intracellular calcium release at fertilization in the sea urchin eggs However the most significant study that demonstrated a direct correlation between calcium and fertilization.He used Medaka fish in which it was possible to inject substantial amounts of photoprotein aequorin and observed a flash at fertilization


In this experiment by Steinhardt , Zucker, Schatten were successful “at using aequorin to study calcium release at fertilization by making quantitative estimates of the peak calcium transients at fertilization and ionophore activation” aequorin is a useful molecular biology for the measurement of intracellular Ca2+ levels Lytechinus pictus gametes were induced by intracoelomic injection to track the advances of calcium release in the fertilization IP3 (inositol triphosphate)

Calcium at Fertilization :

Calcium at Fertilization The researchers concluded that Ca 2+ is correlated with the cortical reaction and formation of the fertilization envelope Researchers found that calcium ions can activate an unfertilized egg even without sperm

Works cited :

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