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Brittany Guerra | Assistant Registrar Bonnie Roche | Curatorial Assistant

Visitor Experience:

Visitor Experience

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Tork is a team of experienced and versatile trained artists headed by owners Tony Ball and Mark Lagergren. Specialize in metal and resin design, fabrication, sculpting, and casting in unique combinations of materials.

Tork, Inc. Collaboration:

Tork, Inc. Collaboration “ The Savage Garden , a contemporary art garden, will be a garden unlike any other. We intend to use scale and the unique combination of materials to create conceptual as well as visual abstraction. The individual pieces are highly representational in subject matter.” Tork, Inc


Goals “The main project goal is to have a profound impact on the viewer, children and adults alike are naturally inspired by these meat-eating plants. Our mission is to provide a fun, educational, visual experience.” Tork, Inc.

Preliminary Ideas:

Preliminary Ideas Titles The Savage Garden Plants of Prey Meat-eating Plants Carnivorous Plants Project Goals Fun, engaging experience for all visitors Create visually inspiring, unique, beautiful works of art Educate and heighten environmental awareness

Cost to Build:

Cost to Build

Four Monumental Sculptures:

Four Monumental Sculptures

“As seen from the bug’s perspective”:

“As seen from the bug’s perspective”



Children’s Components:

Children’s Components Freestanding, movable, interactive pieces Hands-on, playful learning Encourage children to learn about carnivorous plants


Banners Smaller signage integrated with pieces to be visually stimulating and an educational tool Large, hand-painted carnival murals set the stage for the natural oddities

July 10-November 14, 2010:

July 10-November 14, 2010 Feed your senses with the captivating, the bizarre, the larger-than-life, real and imaginary world of carnivorous plants. Savage Gardens offers a close encounter with a vibrant, diverse, and deadly species..

Educational Components:

Educational Components Family Fun Saturdays Activities and crafts inspired by carnivorous plants Summer camp Horticulturalist presentations Classes and programs for adults with a carnivorous plant theme


Merchandise Carnivorous plants and related items for sale in Botanica , the Conservatory’s gift shop and greenhouse

Savage Gardens on the Road!:

Savage Gardens on the Road! Research Would other gardens be interested? Is there a market for a monumental botanical exhibit? Which gardens would be a good fit? Do we reach out to museums and other institutions? Costs What will it cost to ship and install? Can other gardens afford to host the show? Considerations Crate sizes, install logistics How will it travel? Are others capable of handling the size of the exhibit?

Travel Goals:

Travel Goals Reach out to other gardens Educate and heighten environmental awareness Provide a fun and engaging experience for plant enthusiasts around the country

Nuts & Bolts of a Traveling Exhibit:

Nuts & Bolts of a Traveling Exhibit Research Other traveling exhibits Communication with other institutions Cost of Rental Artist fees, airfare, travel, hotel, car rental Shipping, crate construction, packing materials Staff time Considerations Can it travel? Will it attract visitors? Can other venues support it? Marketing Campaign Website Research for potential venues Gardens, zoos, museums Contact with other gardens Handouts and tri-folds, letters and emails Exhibit updates Traveling Exhibit Staff Contract research, manuals, educational material, plant lists Forklift rentals, contractors, trucking companies and logistics

Staff Time:

Staff Time Staff time Pull together all marketing and educational materials Make them cohesive and easily understood Refurbish childrens interactives Clean and paint Find all parts and pieces Maintenance of moving parts Venus Flytrap reconfiguration Account for all exhibit components Where are the lifters? Keys to childrens components? That has what??


Preparations Trucking companies, storage facilities, crate construction Forklift rental and driver Shipping supplies Bubble, stretch wrap, packing tape, cardboard

D-Day: Manpower:

D-Day: Manpower





Product: Complete Traveling Exhibit:

Product: Complete Traveling Exhibit Four monumental, multi-media sculptures Five large scale, hand painted banners Eight interpretive banners Six freestanding, movable, childrens interactives Marketing and promotional materials Educational materials Operations manual Plant lists Merchandise information Overall successful rental and shipping of exhibit to first location


Results Nationwide Conservatory recognition Three successful rentals: United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C. San Antonio Botanical Garden, San Antonio, TX North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC Many interests in a future rental

United States Botanic Garden May 26-October 8, 2012:

United States Botanic Garden May 26-October 8, 2012

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned Research Identify each gardens capabilities Follow up periodically Learn Overcome obstacles and make it work Constantly discover things to do “next time” Implement Make it happen and make it happen smoothly

Select Visitor Feedback:

Select Visitor Feedback “Carnivorous plants are awesome!” “Very interesting…the sculptures are out of this world.” “Great colors and connection to carnivorous plants.” “Integrated glass and Savage Garden sculptures are whimsical and wonderful.” “This art has inspired me!” “Wonderful!” “Sparks the imagination. Very creative!” “I have to go home and think about what I have seen and learned here today. Absolutely wonderful.” “Highlight of my trip.” “This is amazing. I’m glad we got to see it. We will be back.” “Cool!” “The Savage Garden exhibit was much more than I expected. I will be back before it closes.” “Amazing exhibit!” “Another winner. Keep it up!” “Keeps the eyes busy looking at all the different things.” “Great!! Fun for all ages. Even interesting for the guys!!” “It was very creative and beautiful.” “I’m very surprised at the quality and time in this exhibit. To put it in a nutshell—AWESOME!”

Contact Information:

Contact Information Brittany Guerra | Assistant Registrar Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 1777 E. Broad St Columbus, OH 43203 T. (614) 645.1782 F. (614) 645.5921 bguerra@fpconservatory.org

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