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Find out what Juice and Energy Drink Companies do NOT want you to know and about HOW Got X is about to make history. This video shows you HOW the Industry must change, and also the dangers and pitfalls of the Juice, Health and Energy Drink business. If you are considering network marketing, home based business, or marketing juice, health or energy NEED to SEE THIS! Get back with the person that invited you to view this video to grab your piece of history in the making!


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treme nternational The MOST INNOVATIVE and CUTTING EDGE free enterprise opportunity in the world

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Startyour own business? building a passive residual income ? That is Business making a profit off of a sales transaction

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$25,000 to $100,000 to start a small business. Advertising is key. PLUS thousands more to Advertise Ads = Consumer Traffic TRAFFIC means PROFIT !!! $10,000,000 for 30 second Ad in front a huge crowd in the SUPERBOWL What if ? people advertising for you for FREE! That’s what we call word of mouth or network marketing.

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“If I had it to do all over again, I’d start with network marketing…” Donald Trump on the “Yeah, that’s why I’m sitting up here and you’re sitting out there…” A business that could generate a residual income based off the efforts of many, instead of just his own efforts I’d rather have 1% of the efforts of a 100 people, rather than 100% of my own efforts… - Henry Ford

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So now that we understand why network marketing JUST MAKES SENSE… Let’s look at 2 very crucial factors of a successful business.

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You MUST have a product that is wanted and needed and the more it’s wanted and needed, the better … PRODUCT 1st crucial factor

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Look at Starbucks. They sell a consumable product that people want and feel like they need… Toilet paper… Everyone will always need toilet paper… and if they forget they need it, just let them run out, and they will remember why they need it… you have to have a product that people want and need…

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We are taking 2 of the most wanted, needed and desired products in today’s society … and combining them into a PRODUCT that will be The first of its’ kind…

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Products that promote health and wellness are HEALTH & wellness exploding

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Companies have sold Billions and Billions of dollars worth of products featuring these fruits… SUPERFRUITS But never before has anyone ever combined all of them together to create one POWERFUL FORMULATION

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is combining all of these SUPERFRUITS to create the most powerful Health and Vitality drink on the planet ! DRINKING gotX WILL BE THE CLOSEST THING ONE WILL GET TO DRINKING from THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH treme nternational

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X MARKET FACT:2007, Americans spent over 15 Billion dollars on energy drinks $50 Billion within the next 10 years Energy Drink PRODUCTS OUT THERE ? :::NOT HEALTHY::: Caffeine Sugar Taurine THESE ARE NOT GOOD

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3 x $3 Red Bulls to accomplish that. and yet you get 120 grams of sugar, 300 grams of caffeine, and an addiction to it… … is so incredibly powerful !!! 7-10 HOURS OF ENERGY X THESE ARE NOT GOOD

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Easy on-the-go convenient pack This will save 100’s of 1000’s of glass/plastic bottles from being shipped, stored, refrigerated and disposed of.

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Other juice companies want you to sample someone a $30-$40 bottle of their juice. They are not thinking about your bottom line, they are thinking about theirs.

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JOIN NOW Sign-up 3 and it’s FREE! $100 $100 $100 JUST$299 JumpStart BONUS

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20 % DISCOUNT In business for yourself, with the ability to generate a passive residual income… You receive : 20% discount on product and all future gotX products An entire office staff dedicated to customer service for your customers A tracking system to inform you of every time someone visits your web site and makes a purchase. And a position in the Xtreme Powerline, Your own piece of the Company! for just $299 A back office to show you where you stand in the Xtreme Powerline and to track your personal team progress A shipping department to ship your web site customer orders

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Compensation Plan 2nd Crucial Factor Traditional Plans ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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BINARY comp plans means that you can have only 2 legs below you. Unless this guy go to work, YOU DON’T EARN a penny THEY PUT YOU ON THEIR WEAK SIDE TO BENEFIT THEM RUN-AWAY LEG

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Uni-Level comp plan mean you can have as many people sponsored directly underneath you as you can.. But the average “Joe” doesn’t wind up with a lot of help building his team. Great for the person that knows lots of people and can sponsor a lot of people And Uni-Levels only pay so many levels deep. 7-9 levels before all your hard work in building gets cut off.

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has created something unique… something that we feel will change the world of network marketing forever… This changes everything that you know about network marketing…

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Every person who joins the companyafter you is in yOur downline!

Find 3 people that join as an Associate just like you : 

Find 3 people that join as an Associate just like you

Senior Associate : 

Senior Associate are now a

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When 3 people that you personally sponsored reach the 1% share pool, then you jump up to the next level When 3 people that you sponsored into Xtreme International also want to get a share of 1% of the Total Gross Sales of the company. You get a pay raise !!!

Area Manager : 

Area Manager Position and Timing is HUGE !

When 3 people that you bring in also want to get into that 4% of the TOTAL GROSS Sales of the Company : 

When 3 people that you bring in also want to get into that 4% of the TOTAL GROSS Sales of the Company Another pay raise !!!

Executive Vice President : 

it gets even better… Executive Vice President When 3 people that you brought into this company reached the 8% share pool,

National Marketing Director : 

National Marketing Director treme nternational Made it Simple!

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Spread the word about… 300 CURRENTLY $$$ BILLION

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These percentages are based on the TOTAL SALES of the company… not profits. SALES !!! Xtreme Powerline changes everything you know about network marketing IMPORTANT

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4 ways to earn JumpStart BONUS 1 $100 2 5% commission from your PERSONAL GROUP 3 5% 5% 5% 4 Product Retailing

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Personal TEAM Senior Associates earn a 5% commission off of 3 generations from your personal group JOE JOE SUE SUE SAM SAM 1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 5% commission 5% commission 5% commission

Area Manager : 

Personal TEAM Area Manager 5% 5% 5% 1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 5% 5% 4th generation 5th generation Senior Associate 5% 6th generation 5% 7th generation Executive Vice President National Marketing Director

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So sign up as an X treme I nternational Associate for $299 Spread the word about…

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treme nternational ON TRACK TO BILLION DOLLAR STATUS !!! Build your Financial Future X NO MORE

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treme nternational JOIN NOW AND BE A PART OF THE… revolution

The Founders Circle : 

The Founders Circle FIRST 250 To bring 3 people each into the company These individuals will forever share a percentage* of the TOTAL GROSS SALES of the company !!! treme nternational

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treme nternational JOIN NOW Let it go to work for you

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