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Attestation in Kerala for Qatar Qatar is one of the best immigration destinations for Keralites after the UAE. A significant number of immigrants in Qatar hails from the State of Kerala Being a nation that strictly follows rules there are lots of immigration procedures that one has to complete if they are immigrating to Qatar. One such important procedure that an immigrant has to complete from their home country is certificate attestation. It is important to make sure that they have with them the necessary documents before travelling to Qatar. Certificate attestation in Kerala for Qatar is essential for every Keralites who are planning to immigrate to Qatar. It is mandatory to do the attestation process because you can only use attested educational personal and commercial documents from your home country in Qatar. Certificates attested in Kerala for Qatar proves that the documents are indeed issued from the State of Kerala. An attested document helps Qatar authorities to verify its authenticity and make them valid to use. It is mainly done to avoid forgery and misrepresentation of documents by the immigrants. The attested documents are essential to get a work permit residential visa for getting admission in schools and universities in Qatar. There are mainly three attestation processes in Kerala for immigrating to Qatar. They are: HRD attestation: Government recognized educational documents from Universities and schools in Kerala are attested by the Kerala State HRD department. Notary/Home attestation: Personal documents like birth certificate marriage certificate etc are attested from the Notary as well as the home department.

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Chamber of Commerce attestation: Commercial documents that you will require in Qatar if you are planning to open a new business are attested from the Kerala chamber of commerce. Planning to immigrate to Qatar from Kerala We can help you to complete the attestation process in Kerala for Qatar. For more information please visit

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