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A Revolutionary Wealth Building Opportunity

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Stressed Out Business Owners?

Why are Business Owners Stressed Out?:

Can’t make a sale due to client not having money or other forms of payment. Because they have to reduce the cost or prices of their product or service for a smaller profit. Can’t collect from clients they trusted on credit. Why are Business Owners Stressed Out?

Consumers in America Status?:

Consumers in America Status? 60 % of Consumers have low credit scores Subprime Finance Companies Closing Banks have lowered available credit lines Americans Working For Lower Wages. Americans Has Limited Savings If business owners want to survive they must get creative and offer something their competition doesn’t have .

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Two MAJOR Questions Merchants, Business Owners and Professionals, How often does it happen that a customer declines to do business with you because they can't pay? How would it change your business if you could offer that customer a 90-day, No Credit Check loan or Reverse Layaway with No Risk to You?

The Solution! :

The Solution! This program is administered through the client personal checking account for later presentation. (Almost Like Post Dating Checks) The customers gets up to $5,000.00 with 90 day repayment plan Guaranteed with No Risk to Merchant You can’t beat that!

Commonly Know Facts:

Commonly Know Facts When things get tight, people try to protect their checking accounts more than their credit. It’s like their own form of identity! People will allow their credit to go in the toilet before they let their checking account go bad. Its human nature!

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To provide business owners with a cutting edge profit increasing solution that will increase their profitability in this new economy. Improves Sales By 40% or Greater Our Mission

Business Owners & Professional Services Wins:

Business Owners & Professional Services Wins No more cutting prices just to make a sale Increase Revenue and Cash Flow Give in house credit with EASE with No Risk Out sale your competitors

Who does EPS 90 Serves and Benefits ?:

Auto Sales Auto Repair Shops Wheels & Tires Furniture Sales New & Used Appliance Repair Appliance Sales New & Used Contractors (All) Funeral Homes Criminal Defense Attorney Who does EPS 90 Serves and Benefits ?

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Computer/Electronic Repair Jewelry Sales & Services Car/ Home Entertainment Medical Services Dental Services Cosmetic Services And The List Go’s On………. Who does EPS 90 Serves and Benefits ?

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You and your new customer choose which product or service he or she wants or needs. The Process

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The Process 4 Easy Steps

The Process :

HVAC Repair $1,000.00 $150.00 = 15% down payment of the total purchase merchandise/service + taxes $25 processing fee 10%(suggested program rate) Now figure out a scheduled payment plan that fits both parties budget The remaining balance of $850.00 is scheduled to be paid within 90 days (remember you can set the terms) The Process The Process

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Scan first check to receive an approval in about 7 seconds Payment is converted to an ACH and is deposited into Merchants bank account in about 48-72 hrs Once approved, scan the remaining checks and enter the amounts and dates as prompted Make sure all checks are from same bank, filled out completely, and in numerical order Electronic Payment System Process

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Fill out the contract with customer Copy drivers license/military ID Verify employment Verify working phone The Agreement

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Sample Payment Schedule

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Now Business Owners and Professionals can enjoy allowing their clients or customers make payments with No Financial Risk or Loss in Revenue. If the client or customer don’t pay….EPS will Pay No More Cutting the cost of products and services just to make a sale. No Risk - Payments Guaranteed

Consumers in America Status?:

Consumers in America Status? Bad check writing is a felony in all states that we know of! It’s funny how people can come up with the money to make a check good when facing garnished wages or even the local sheriff or police knocking at their door. We will not hesitate to collect using the highest level of the law within that state, federal and local government will allow.

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Once payment has been processed, verify the contract is filled out completely, signed, and give a copy to your customer File away the contract and checks in a safe place Another happy customer!

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Now it's time to enjoy the benefits of one of the best business decisions you have ever made! Cha Ch'ing!

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Hang This Sign up Everywhere Ask Us About No Credit Check 90 Days EZ In House Payment Financing ----------------------------- No Interest Rate Applied Let all Clients Know About Financing

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Ala Este Registrate En Partes Let all Clients Know About Financing No Credit Check EZ - Payment Financing ----------------------------- No Interest Applied

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Ala Este Registrate En Partes Let all Clients Know About Financing No verificacion de credito EZ - Pago Financiacion ----------------------------- Sin Intereses Aplicada

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Hang This Sign up Everywhere Let all Clients Know About Financing Preguntenos sobre No Verificacion De Credito 90 Dias EZ En Casa El Pago De Financiamiento ----------------------------- Sin Intereses Aplicada

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We Help Businesses in Tough Times Thrive!

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