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THREE IMPORTANT SUMMARIZING TECHNIQUES S election Rejection Substitution Selection of Major Ideas Key Words Phrases Special Terms Original interpretations Unnecessary data repetitions examples Illustrations Anecdotes Redundant expressions tables and statistical data . Synthesis Short Sentences for Long sentences. One word substitution combining sentences.

Summarize the following passage:

Summarize the following passage Height connotes status in many parts of the world. Executive offices are usually on the top floors; the underlings work below. Even being tall can help a person succeed. Studies have shown that employers are more willing to hire men over 6 feet tall than shorter men with the same credentials. Studies of real-world executives and graduates have shown that taller men make more money. In one study, every extra inch of height brought in an extra $1,300 a year. But being too big can be a disadvantage. A tall, brawny football player complained that people found him intimidating off the field and assumed he "had the brains of a Twinkie.” TOPIC SENTENCE MAIN POINTS MAIN POINTS Height connotes status. Height helps a person succeed. Tall people are preferred by the employers and tall people are better paid. But too much height can be also disadvantageous. SUMMARY

Summarize the following passage:

Summarize the following passage All living beings have the same basic desire to avoid sufferings and be happy. Modern man generally believes that external conditions such as food, friends, cars and money will beget real happiness. Therefore, he devotes nearly all his time and energy to acquiring these. It seems that these things can make him happy, but if he looks more deeply, he will realize that these things also bring about a lot of suffering and problems. For example, one of his main interests is food but the food he eats is also the principal cause of most of his ill-health and sickness. In the process of producing the things he enjoys he pollutes the environment to such an extent that the very air he breathes and the water he drinks threaten his health and well-being. Secondly, a car can give him the love, the freedom and independence, but the cost in accidents as well as environmental destruction is enormous. Thirdly, he feels that money is essential for him to enjoy life but the pursuit of money also causes immense problems and anxiety. Even his family and friends with whom he enjoys so many happy moments can also create a lot of worry and heartache for him. Happiness and suffering are states of mind and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace. External conditions can only make man happy if his mind is peaceful.

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