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Beneficial Ways to Use Moroccan Olive Oil for Cooking Morocco has perfect weather conditions to grow olives. They are generally grown on the top of the ridges of the Atlas Mountain. The oils extracted from olives grown in morocco are known to be the world’s best quality olive oil that you can use in many different ways. If you are health conscious and a fitness freak then Moroccan olive oil is the one that you should use for cooking dishes. It is the most flavorsome healthy tasty and aromatic among all the types of olive oil. Some of the best ways to use Moroccan olive oil for cooking are as follows. • Salad Dressing It is a fancy but healthy alternative to salad dressings. You can mix it with the vinaigrette to make your salad super tasty and healthy. • For Dip

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You can make a variety of dips using the Moroccan olive oil if you are having your friends over or you are arranging for Al Fresco dining at your house. • For Preparing Soups A simple drizzle of Moroccan olive oil can bring in a huge difference to your homemade soups. It adds aroma to the piping hot soups with a kind of richness. • For Roasting You can use your Morocco olive oil for roasting veggies or chicken. It helps the items to cook fast and gives them a nice golden-brown color. It adds to a premium taste for the dish. • For Preparing Ice-Cream Olive oil can also be combined with ice-cream. You can simply add a drizzle of it over your favorite one for a creamy texture. CONTACT US ATLAS OLIVE OILS USA Inc. Office: +1 305 600-4405 Email:

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