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Changing prices of a Substitute Service:

Changing prices of a Substitute Service Substitute services have effect on the service demand in a way that if one of any substitute service is short or high priced or effected by any reason, the demand of other service will be effected.

Changing Prices of Substitute Services:

Changing Prices of Substitute Services For example prices of If Internet Facility is high priced than tele communination facility will be more used. If fee of alopethic doctor will increase than the demand of homeopethic will increase.

Health Fector:

Health Fector Customer is well aware of his health and the things harmful to his health. He will definetely go to a place about where he is sure that there is no risk of any kind to his health. Health fector can change the demand for service in a way that if health of customer is on risk, the customer will not require any service of that kind, so demand will decrease.

Health Fector:

Health Fector For example A very Healthy or Hygienic environment in resturants will increase the demand of service High rate of Cleanliness or Hygien fector in hospitals will increase the demand

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Presented By Ali Raza Shah

Interest Rates:

Interest Rates Many products are bought on credit using borrowed money. Therefore if the a bank decides to raise interest rates, the demand for many goods and services may fall due to shortage of credit money.

Interest Rates:

Interest Rates For Example Decrease in number of persons coming for taking loan from commercial banks Commercial bank will receive high rate from central bank which will increase cost of services of commercial and in result service demand will decrease.

Change in Technology:

Change in Technology When any service provider use new technology, the cost is increased and people may or may not accpect this change. This will be effecting the demand of perticular service.

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For example Change in agricultural methods for example single spray machine to a vehichle containing spray equipment Manual cash counter to ATM machines

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Luxurious Items:

Luxurious Items ° Some goods are luxurious items where satisfaction comes from knowing both the price of the good and being able to flaunt consumption of it to other people!

The demand for the product is a direct function of its price.:

The demand for the product is a direct function of its price. D=f (p) -ve


Example: For example Service prices of five star hotels.

Events :

Events Religious: Eid-ul-azha , Eid-ul-fiter ,Eid milad-u-Nabi demand of services increases in religious events. Example: restaurants, bakery

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General: new year, valentine day , marriage season increases the demand of services


Weathers: Weather is also a factor that fluctuates the demand for services Examples: In winter demand for medical services may rise due to seasonal diseases.


Summer In extreme condition of summer people loves to go in northern areas to enjoy pleasant weather that increases the demand of transportation and hoteling.


Winters: People loves to watch snow falling that increase the demand of transport services. example: transport services for northern areas

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Presented by : Muhammad Usman

Consumer Income:

Consumer Income Increases in consumer income generally lead to an increase in the demand for goods, while decreases in consumer income have the opposite effect. Goods whose demand increases as income increases are referred to as Normal Goods . Goods whose demand decreases as income increases are referred to as Inferior Goods because they are replaced by higher quality goods. Examples: DVD’s = Normal Houses = Normal Generic = Inferior


Expectations Consumer expectations regarding price changes directly affect demand. If consumers feel prices for a goods will drop soon, they will wait to purchase the good at a later date and a lower price. If prices are expected to rise, consumers will purchase the goods now as opposed to waiting and risking paying more. Examples: Gasoline Non-Perishable Food Cars and Houses Oxford ,bonanza sweaters

Population Change:

Population Change As population increases, the demand for goods increases as well because each member of the population has needs to be filled. However, these needs change over time as segments of the population age and their wants and needs change. Examples: Education Recreational Materials Video games Housing

Tastes and Trends:

Tastes and Trends Consumers are notoriously fickle about the types and styles of goods that they consume. Goods that are extremely popular one year may have little or no demand on them the next. Predicting these trends, and adapting production to them, is extremely difficult. Examples: Pokémon Cards Tie-Dye Clothes Beanie Babies

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