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At Atico export, there are many resources available to help teachers of physics to get their students all practical knowledge. We supply General Physics Lab Equipments in reasonable cost to high schools of India and other countries respectably.


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Advanced Technocracy Inc working for their brand Atico Export for manufacturing and export of Physics Lab Instruments, Educational Lab Equipments, Testing Laboratory Equipments, Physics Lab Teaching Material , Electrostatic Physics Labware, Optics Physics Labware, Sound Physics Labware, Educational Equipments for Science Labs, General Chemistry Labware, Biology Laboartory Equipments, educational human anatomy models, Human Anatomical Models, Educational Laboratory Microscopes, Monocular Dissecting Microscope, Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope, Biological Microscope, Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Lab Plasticware, Mathematics Lab Kit, High school physics lab equipment, Engineering Educational Lab Equipments, Technical Educational Equipments, Automotive Technology Models, Technical Training Systems, Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipments, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments, Mechanical Operation Lab Equipments, electrical training Instruments, Digital Radar Training System, Klystron Test Benches, GSM Mobile Phone Trainer Kit and many more .

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Engineering Lab Equipments

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Contact Details #5309 Atico  House, Grain Market, Ambala Cantt , 133001, HR, India https://www.aticoexport.com 0171 400 4736, +91 999 618 6555 kunal@aticoexport.com, chopra@aticoexport.com

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