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THE BERMUDa triangle:


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THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE No doubt you have wondered about the Bermuda Triangle. It is the greatest modern mystery of our supposedly well understood world: a region of the  Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, where disappearances of ships and planes not only continue but continue to defy explanation.

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The missing of ships here is considered probably to be an alien attack!!!!!!!!!

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Myth 1 “A check of Lloyd’s of London’s accident records by the editor of Fate in 1975 showed that the triangle was a no more dangerous part of the ocean than any other. U.S. Coast Guard records confirmed this and since that time no good arguments have ever been made to refute those statistics. So the Bermuda Triangle mystery disappeared, in the same way many of its supposed victims had vanished.”

Fact 1 :

Fact 1 This is completely false. Lloyd’s does not insure the smaller stuff, so all yachts go unreported and un cataloged in statistics. Lloyd’s seldom insures smaller charter and private aircraft, so likewise for them. Lloyd’s is not the ultimate source. It is not a marine investigation bureau. It reports on sailing news relevant to insurance.

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A myth says that a spirit pulls the airplanes down the sea!!!!!!!!

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Myth 2 “Investigations to date have not produced scientific evidence of any unusual phenomena involved in the disappearances. Thus, any explanation, including so-called scientific ones in terms of methane gas being released from the ocean floor, magnetic disturbances, etc., are not needed. The real mystery is how the Bermuda Triangle became a mystery at all.”

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Fact 2 Not only utterly false, but actually stupid. One would have to witness a disappearance in order to determine what was directly involved. This has obviously not be done, and such a comment, as a result, is a lame one. There have been NO scientific expeditions to investigate the overall Triangle. Independent people, often Possessing Degrees in one of the sciences, have made their own, Sometimes truncated study. Most have produced some Very interesting discoveries.

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Dr. A.J. Yelkin’s study revealed unexplained Magnetic deviations during phases of the Moon. Dr. Zink’s Observations at Bimini revealed unexplained magnetic variations in the compass at the precise time each year in early August (consistent in some ways with Yelkin’s theories). Wilbert Smith’s Studies revealed areas of “reduced bindings” in the magnetic field that came and went. But as for any scientific expeditions into the Triangle to take readings or tests or to see if something would happen, none has ever been done.

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Ha-ha…..really funny……….

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A day in the Bermuda triangle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Myth 3 In short, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle became a mystery by a kind of communal reinforcement among uncritical authors and a willing mass media to uncritically pass on the speculation that something mysterious is going on in the Atlantic. Fact 3 Wrong. And the acrimony is hypocritical since that is how the first 2 myths above became established, usually by debunkers spreading “communal reinforcement” that they have evidence by having no evidence or that they reflect the status quo as experienced by suburban America.

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Myth 5 “There are only two longitudes in the world where Magnetic and Grid, or Magnetic, and True North align. These locations are near the center of Europe and near the eastern part of the United States.” Fact 5: FALSE! They are off Japan and down the Eastern US and through the Gulf. Not even Wrong Way Corrigan made that kind of mistake! Nevertheless, he writes, with true geographical obtuseness.

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Stories says that there is an evil spirit in the sea which is why the ships and boats are disappearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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1.1945, December 5: The entire training flight of five Navy TBM Avengers. Plane #s FT-28, FT-36, FT-117, FT-3,FT-81. Crew: 14 2.1945, December 5: PBM Martin Mariner. Off Banana River, Florida at 28 o 59’ NL 80 o 25 WL. Crew:13 3. 1947, July 3: a C-54 Douglas en route from Bermuda to Miami in cargo service. Crew: 7. 4.1948, January 30: BSAAC Tudor IV Airliner Star Tiger near Bermuda, northeast. 29 crew and passengers, including Air Marshal Sir Arthur Cunningham. GAHNP. 5.1948, December 28: NC-16002, Douglas DC-3 passenger airliner; south of Miami on approach to the airport (within 50 miles). crew and passengers: 31.

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6.  1949, January 17: Tudor IV Star Ariel (sister of Star Tiger )  Bermuda for Kingston, Jamaica. Crew and passengers: 19. GAGRE. 7.  1954, October 30: Super Constellation, in Navy service. Maryland for Lajes, in the Azores. Crew and passengers, 42. 8. 1956, November  9: Martin Marlin amphibious patrol plane, about 350 miles north of Bermuda. Crew: 10. 9. 1961, October 15: an 8 engine SAC B-52 “Pogo 22” north of Bermuda while returning from routine maneuvers. 10.1962, January 8: Air Force KB-50 Aerial tanker. North Carolina to Lajes, Azores. Crew: 8. 11.1962, May 27: a C-133 Cargo master, between Dover and Lajes, Azores. Crew:10.



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