Current Social Evils

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Current Social Evils:

Current Social Evils


Introduction Social evils are the wrong doing of large number of people which harm the other people of society and have an adverse effect on the development of society.


Corruption Corruption is a deviation from ideal due to some reasons for example ambition. In terms of economy corruption means bribery. Giving extra money to a person for reasons such as getting work done as early as possible, getting a illegal work done. In terms of Politics corruption means misuse of power or resources gained by a elected member for own benefit.


Poverty Poverty is one of the main reasons for increasing social evils in India. Poverty in India gave birth to social evils such as robbery, dowry system, setting up of slums and many other things shown in the image.

Dowry system:

Dowry system Dowry is the money/ property given by the family of bride to the family of groom. Dowry is considered to be bane on society because due to dowry girl has to go under continuous physical harassment of her husband because of not giving him dowry.

Measures to Mitigate social evils:

Measures to Mitigate social evils If I were fitted in such situation first of all I would not let my mind to deviate from my ideals of honesty and keep walking on a path that would not hurt anyone, spread awareness among the people about harmful effects of social evils, encourage them to campaign against the prevailing social evils and also tell them to give equal importance to men woman.

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