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A bout the way to success in your organization and you yourself


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Organizational Culture : 

Organizational Culture

Career : 

Career What do you intend to accomplish in your life Why is it important for you What emotional value does this have for you

Bliss : 

Bliss Benefit What benefits do I expect from my career Limitation What are my present limitation Interests What interest should my career satisfy Skills What skills do I possess for this career Sacrifices What can I sacrifice or give up for my career

Bliss : 

Bliss What benefits does your career choice have for you What demands will this career make on you What interest or your will this career satisfy What sacrifices does this chosen require

Individual Value : 

Individual Value Fairness Trust Transparency Integrity Informality Value addition to all

Culture : 

Culture Self discipline Sense of justice Integrity and fair play Enthusiasm Personal Presentablity Individual

Attitude of Global Citizen : 

Attitude of Global Citizen Deep knowledge and passion of the subject Initiative & Confidence Versatility High energy level Competitiveness Individual

Sensitivity : 

Sensitivity Listening & Communication Interpersonal relation Perception Patience, trust, & empathy Individual

Creativity : 

Creativity Aesthetic sense Sense of future Sense of humor Individual

Organization Culture : 

Organization Culture Individual Success Creativity Sensitivity Global Citizen

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