Bill Gates in China

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China’s Tech Generation Finds a New Chairman to Venerate : 

China’s Tech Generation Finds a New Chairman to Venerate By Adam Charlton

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Mao Zedong VS. Bill Gates

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Bill Gate’s Influence The youth of China think of Bill Gates as a role model The Chinese edition of Gates’ TheRoad Ahead was one of the most successful books in history However, Gates is everything Mao Zedong was not

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The Gates Foundation gave $30- billion to bring computers to rural China and health care to the poor. Gates is helping to create virtual universities to make it easier for students to attend college. China’s internet population jumped 23 percent in 2006

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However… Back in the U.S. Gates has violated antitrust laws, the most famous being in 1998 with United States vs. Microsoft Microsoft’s dominance in computer software has been known to drive competitors out of business

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Conclusion Bill Gates is a wonderful philanthropist He obviously has troubles following the rules bestowed on big business, created to protect competition as well as consumers. BUT…

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